Digital citizenship

Amanda Eng

What does digital citizenship mean?

It is being appropriate when texting or emailing somebody in a school setting or anywhere else. You should not cyber bully as well as having the knowledge to handle cyber bullying whether you are the one being bullied or the one watching the bullying happen in front of you. In addition, you are able to make sure that whatever you post or show to the internet, it is private so that only the people that you want seeing it are the only people who do see it. Digital Citizenship is being smart with any type of technology that you use.

Why is digital citizenship important?

As we go into the twenty first century, students are being asked to bring in electronics from their home and are using them in school. When the students bring in their electronic to school, they are now in a school setting which creates the need to learn how to use it appropriately for a school environment. This includes using appropriate language, pictures, etcetera. It is also important because it prevents accounts being from hacked or being phished. Being hacked means that somebody was able to get into your personal account and phishing means that somebody was able to get into your account by deceiving you into getting your passwords and security information.

An example of good digital citizenship is . . .

For good Digital citizenship you should use proper English. This is because when you do not use proper English you start getting used to using text language. This is when you abbreviate words such as you into, "u," or see into, "c." This relates to Albert Einstein's quote above.

An example of poor Digital Citizenship is . . .

Poor Digital Citizenship includes plagiarizing. Plagiarizing is when somebody copies and pastes another authors work into their own. It is illegal and is not fair to the author who wrote the article, or created the website, in the first place.

How I will be a good Digital Citizen this year in school

The first way I will be a good Digital Citizen is that I not use inappropriate words while on any electronic during school. The second way I will be a good Digital Citizen is that I will stay on the same website the teacher says I have to stay on. This means I will not go on a different website to do something. The last way I will be a good Digital Citizen is that I will not plagiarize or steal another author's work and will write my own paper.