Swing For The Fences

Caroline #4


My favorite way to spend my free time is by playing softball and basketball. My title is "Swing For The Fences" because you want to try your hardest and shoot for the highest achievements in your future. I absolutely love the beach, lake, pool, and anywhere I can be in the sun. My favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and I don't really like soda very much. I love to read, and sports movies are my all time favorite.

Brain Orientation

I am very dominant on my left hemisphere and the characteristics definitely describe me accurately. I am right handed, logical and mathematical, and I enjoy being active.


My personality type was an ENTJ, or Extrovert, Intuitive, Thinking and Judging. I work well with others, I understand the point someone is trying to get across, and I think and judge. Knowing your personality type is very important for getting a job because you do not want to get a job in a field that you absolutely hate. If you hate animals, then a vet would not be the right job for you, or if you can't look at blood, being a doctor would not be the career for you.

Self Esteem


Macaroni and Cheese



Success in Sports

Get tan again



My values

I value God, my family, my friends, sports, and Fixer Upper.

K Nav

For my K Nav Results I had these 5 career pathways

  1. Operations Management
  2. Insurance
  3. Business Information Management
  4. Accounting
  5. General Management

My future education

For my future education, I hope to go to college and go into Sports Medicine. I would really like to go into Physical Therapy, but an Athletic Trainer or Chiropractor would also be good for me too.

K Nav Explore

  1. Financial Planner
  2. Engineer
  3. Real Estate Agent
  4. Actuary

Career Goal

My future career goal is to be a Physical Therapist and help athletes and people recover and get back to what they love doing through rehab.

Career Characteristics

To be a good PT you need to be kind, understanding, knowledgeable, enthused, and just like Joni.

Desired Lifestyle

The lifestyle that I strive to have will be a successful athlete, adult, friend, and all around person. I want to be faithful and enjoy life how it is, making something in each day to smile about. I would prefer to stay closer to home, then move far away, although I do love the sun.


I live in a family of 5 with my Mom, Dad, 11 year old sister Claire, and my 9 year old brother Cole. We love to be outside shooting or throwing a ball, at the beach, or at some tournament or game.
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