By Mariel Dean

Thesis Statement

In J.M Hunts 'The Olympians', Zeus is the most signifigant God in Greek Mythology that he acts in a way that is powerful and determined.


Cronus (Zeus' Father) was eating his kids and Zeus stopped Cronus from doing that. Zeus saved the kids from Cronus. Cronus tried to overthrow his father, while he was being overthrown by his own son, Zeus.


For example, Zeus drew lots with Poiseiden and Hades. After he won he became a supreme ruler over all the Gods.


"He is lord of the sky, the rain God. His weapon is a thunderbolt which he hurls at those who displease him" (Hunt).


This shows that Zeus is above all other Gods and Goddesses. He has a thunderbolt which is a very dangerous and powerful weapon. He punishes those who wrong him or o somethin that he does not like. Therefore he uses his thunderbolt against them. Zeus shows that he cares more about the majority of people than one. Like the greater good.

Concluding Statement

Lastly Zeus has a lot of power and is not afraid to use his power against others. His determination has gotten his to be the supreme ruler of the sky and to be above all other Gods and Goddesses. Zeus’ impact is still a symbol for today as of weather or leadership.

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