Computer components

Random Access Memory, CPU & The World Wide Web

What is Random Access Memory?

Random Access Memory, or RAM is an often unknown component of your computer. It is a computer storage device, it is used to store and read memory from tabs, if your pc is slow from tab to tab, it may be a problem within your RAM. However, if your pc suddenly loses power or is turned off by the switch then you might lose data and it will be corrupted so be careful.
What is Random Access Memory (RAM)

What is a CPU/Processor?

The CPU or Central Processing Unit is a piece of hardware that does basic tasks, such as reading and analyzing data and feeding it to the motherboard and video units it also controls main operations like input and output. The CPU can be upgraded in all sorts of ways, the most trustworthy producers are Intel and AMD, their components are the best on the market.
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Computer Basics | What is a Computer Processor? Part 1

Who is Alan Turing?

Alan Turing is the "Father of computing" and famous cracker of the Enigma code. He spent his life developing computers and developing his mathematical career. Following on the work from the polish Turing was able to make the Bombe II to permanently stop the Nazi enigma. This lead to the construction and development of computer systems, phones and tablets. More information can e found on the website:

The World Wide Web

The world wide web is a network of linked files put together by the internet, using a web browser application you can view pictures: videos, audio, text or other multimedia via the hyperlink network. The World Wide Web was invented by Sir Timothy John "Tim" Berners-Lee while working at CERN.It is monitored by the World Wide Web Consortium, a group of people who oversee the world wide web's development and security, they ensure that the web is used for it's intended perpous and can advance techonologically.
What is the World Wide Web? - Twila Camp

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the director of the World Wide Web Consortium and creator of the internet. He originally worked at "CERN" where he developed a network to bind all of the computers onto one network, long after his time at CERN he developed the World wide web, a network that utilised the internet for everybody to use and benefit from. He did this all free of charge.