Mrs. Katona's Art Class

First Grade Artists

Rocky Raccoon

Bandit-masked raccoons are a familiar animal found just about everywhere, the reason for this is because they will eat just about anything. These furry mammals are found in forests, marshes, prairies, and even in cities. They are adaptable and very skillful with their front paws and long fingers which helps to find and feast on a wide variety of food.

Raccoons are nocturnal foragers that use lightning-quick paws to grab crayfish, frogs, and other aquatic creatures, or pluck mice and insects and raid nests for tasty eggs. Raccoons also eat fruit and plants. They are not picky eaters and are known to open garbage cans for "take-out" dinners.

These ring-tailed animals may inhabit a tree hole, fallen log, or a house's attic to rest their heads. Mothers have one to seven cubs in early summer and these young raccoons often spend the first two months or so of their lives high up in a tree hole. Later, mother and children move to the ground when the cubs will begin to explore on their own.

Raccoons in our area tend to gorge themselves in spring and summer storing up body fat so they can spend much of the winter asleep in a den.

Below are the rascally raccoons we made in art class.

Rocky Raccoon