How Do Scientists Explore Space?

Author:Robert Snedden Book Report By:Kayden Stoberg

Lexile Level: 750 Page Numbers: 43


The topic of this book is how scientists explore space. Some information about the topic is that scientists are exploring the size of the universe. Some other information is it takes four years for light from Earth to travel to the nearest star. Something I knew about this topic is scientists have sent a lot of probes to planets.
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This is a picture of a spiral galaxy. The Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy.

Sun Set on Mars

On Mars the sun set looks smaller than it is on Earth. It looks smaller because Mars is farther away from the sun than Earth is .
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This is the sun set on Mars. You can see that the Sun looks really small.

First Space Probe

The first space probe to go to another planet worked for NASA. Its name was Mariner 2. It flew To planet Venus in 1962.
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This is a Space probe on Mars.

Earth to The Moon

The object closest to Earth is space is the Moon. It is Also the brightest object in the night sky.
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This is a picture from space showing the Earth and the moon.


There is a photo of the Moon taken by Japan's Kaguya space probe. I think the author included this picture because on that page he was talking about the Moon and the distant between the Moon and Earth. On this page is page 14.


I think the author purpose for writing this book is so kids can learn about space and how scientist explore space. The reason I think that this book is about space is because They tell you a lot of facts about space. For example one fact is the universe is mysteriously expanding. The reason I think that this book is also about how scientist explore space is because this book talks about all types of space probes and space rovers.