Come to Texas

Beutiful Texas

Texas has beautiful rolling plains, it is stuffed with multiple resources and a ton of opportunities. The green grass is perfect for cattle to graze in. There are rivers to fish in and there are forests filled with deer and other animals to hunt. Texas is every family and farmer's dream!


To come to Texas you must...

-be Catholic

-you must pledge your loyalty to the Spanish government.

Land Policy

Everyone who stays in Texas during the war will receive 1280 acres.

To all who remain in Texas for 6 months, 640 acres of land.

If you stay for 3 months you receive 320 acres.

A family receives 4600 acres, and a single man receives 1470 acres.


Rolling prairies, grasslands, and forests cover the face of mighty Texas. The land in Texas is great for farming. The grass is great for grazing and the forest is filled with animals to hunt. There are rivers flowing through the veins of Texas. These rivers are great for fishing!


Are you paying $1.25 for an acre now? Well, come to Texas and pay only $.40. That is less than half of the price! Texas has the cheapest land you will EVER see!

Leave Today! Post G.T.T on your door!