Now and Then

Percent Increase and Decrease

Compare the amounts!

You will be comparing amounts to compute the percent increase or decrease. Watch the video below to learn how to calculate percent increase and decrease.


Perform all the numbered tasks as they appear. Use the paper you were given to record your notes and to show your work. When you are all finished, complete the Google Form and I will be able to see how much you understood!!

#1 : Watch the video (about 4 mins)

Percent increase and decrease

Now imagine.......

Mrs. Gumas 1958

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What did things cost in 1958?

#2 What is the percent increase of gas from the year I was born to the year you were born???

#3 a: What is the percent of increase in tuition from when I was born to when you were born?

#3 b : What is the percent increase of tuition between the year you were born and now?

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#4 Complete the Google Form