Woodgrove High School

March 2021 - Newsletter

Principal's Message

Greetings, Wolverines! March is not only bringing about a change in the season this year, but it also is bringing a change for our students and staff as well! After nearly a year, we are elated that beginning on March 3, Stage 4 of the LCPS Hybrid Model will begin, and we will provide in-person instruction for students who have selected to return to school. Approximately one-third of our students have made this selection while two-thirds of our students will be Distance Learning. And whether students are coming to school for in-person learning or continuing in distance learning, our teachers are prepared and ready to teach them! I offer my sincerest gratitude to our staff as they prepare to teach our students in this concurrent format.

For those wondering what the concurrent instructional model is, it is a format whereby teachers will be teaching to students both in the classroom and on-line, simultaneously. We’ve set up our technology so that teachers and students will be able to see the classroom and presentation while also engaging and communicating with each other in-person and virtually.

For students returning for in-person instruction at the school, we have a meeting scheduled on Tuesday, March 2, at 10 AM. Again, this meeting is for those students returning to Woodgrove for hybrid/in-person instruction. During this meeting, we will review our health mitigation plan and other key points including expectations for mask-wearing, physical distancing, entering the school, transitioning between classes, and dismissing at the end of the day. We’ll also discuss lunches, E-Hall passes, and other details that will be helpful for students. Students also will be able to ask any questions they have. Below is the link for the meeting and the link for the Padlet where questions may be submitted. This meeting will be recorded and posted on our school website for those who may not be able to join us at 10 AM.

Link for Meeting

Padlet Link for Submitting Questions

Also, for students coming to the school, the school will open at 8 AM. We ask returning students to arrive after 8 AM. Any students arriving between 8 AM and 8:45 AM will report to the cafeteria. After 8:45 AM, students will report directly to their Advisory classroom.

In addition, returning students must bring their Chromebooks and chargers with them daily.

School will continue to begin at 9:10 AM Tuesday through Friday. However, starting on Tuesday, March 9, the beginning time for our Wake Up Woodgrove morning announcements will move to 9:10 AM (from 8:50 AM). Tuesdays and Fridays will be devoted to Wake Up Woodgrove and our school announcements. Wednesdays and Thursdays will begin at the same time (9:10 AM) with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Minute of Silence. Please note that no other announcements will be made on Wednesdays and Thursdays as the remaining time will be devoted to our student-teacher Advisory.

Breakfast and lunch will be available to students during the day free of charge. Dinners will be provided for those students who opt-in for dinners. Students choosing to take home a dinner provided by the school must contact our Cafeteria Manager, Ms. Genelda Bartling at Genelda.Bartling@lcps.org or our Parent Liaison, Ms. Deana Czaban at Deana.Czaban@lcps.org. Also, Woodgrove will continue to provide hot lunches off the back dock of the school between 10 AM and 2:30 PM for LCPS students Monday through Friday.

We have many new drivers and many students who will be driving to school for the first time. Please continue to review with them the importance of safe driving. The beginning and end of the day are very busy times in our parking lots and students, staff, and parents must be diligent so that we can avoid any accidents. Your assistance with this certainly is appreciated.

March also brings with it the SOL English Multiple-Choice Test and the SOL Direct Writing Test for our Juniors. Please be sure your son or daughter is prepared and gets plenty of rest before these tests. If you have any questions regarding the SOLs, please contact Ms. Justine Jarvis, Woodgrove’s Testing Coordinator. Justine.Jarvis@lcps.org

Also, all schools are participating in a survey provided by the LCPS Department of Instruction and BrightBytes. If you would, please take approximately five minutes to complete this survey. Here is information about the survey and the survey link:

Loudoun County Public Schools is partnering with BrightBytes, a data analytics organization built specifically for K-12, to provide insights into our new and changing learning environments with the goal of ensuring equitable learning support for all students. As part of this initiative, we are distributing a survey to capture your perspective around your child’s classroom support and resources (e.g., access to technology, instructional support at school and at home, student social-emotional competencies, etc.). Please know that your responses will remain anonymous to protect your privacy, and the survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your participation is extremely important to us. It will give us a comprehensive understanding of our students’ needs and areas for improvement at our school.


All the best to you and your families for a wonderful beginning to spring! May you and yours be happy, healthy, and safe. Once again, many thanks for your ongoing support of our Wolverine students, staff, and community!

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Wake Up Woodgrove

Daily announcements

  • Wake Up Woodgrove will air Tuesday through Friday mornings, 8:40 - 8:55am.
  • Update your bookmark to this link for submitting morning announcements.
  • Update your bookmark for viewing Wake Up Woodgrove to this link for our MyVRSpot software.

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Lux Aurumque - Woodgrove Choirs
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Order a Senior Celebration Ad using the link below

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Each 18" x 24" full color and weather resistant sign will be personalized with your student's name and available to be picked up at the school beginning April 17.

Cost is $25 per sign

Stakes are included. Signs are printed on one side only.

Order Online through April 1. Woodgrove PTSO Fundraiser benefiting the Class of 2021

In need of financial assistance?

Please contact Parent Liaison Deana Czaban at deana.czaban@lcps.org.

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Wolverine Sports Medicine

Volume 11, Issue 8

March 2021

Sports Injuries

Hamstring Strains

What’s so frustrating about hamstring strains to both the student-athlete and the athletic trainer is how easily and frequently these can recur, how long they take to rehabilitate and how limited the treatment options are. The hamstrings are a group of 4 muscles at the back of the thigh. Their main purpose is to help flex the knee and lower leg.

A hamstring strain is a partial tearing of the muscle fibers. It usually occurs at the weakest part of the muscle. The degree of tearing determines the severity of the injury. A micro-tearing of the muscle fibers is a mild strain or grade I. A partial tear of the muscle is a moderate strain or grade II. A complete rupture of the muscle is a severe strain or grade III.

Symptoms of a hamstring strain are usually a snap, sharp pain and severe spasm. There may be swelling and bruising over the injured area and the leg will feel weak. People usually know when they pull a hamstring. Strains tend to occur in those student-athletes who have not warmed up properly. Another predisposing factor is if someone’s hamstrings aren’t as strong as they should be in comparison to their quadriceps (front of thigh) muscles.

Most hamstring strains are diagnosed with a physical exam but if there’s any question a physician may order an MRI. The vast majority of strains are treated non-surgically with a period of rest, ice, compression wrap and crutches until the symptoms have subsided. Then physical therapy is prescribed to reduce swelling and restore range of motion to the hip and knee. Then a strengthening program is prescribed to decrease the risk of re-injury. Micro-tears get better in a matter of days, but a complete rupture can take 4-8 weeks to heal.


Do Amino Acids and Protein lead to bigger muscles?

Do student-athletes really need massive amounts of protein or amino acids supplements to maximize muscle growth? Experts from the American College of Sports Medicine and American Dietetic Association say student-athletes have only a slightly higher protein requirements, than sedentary individuals. Student-athletes who follow sound nutritional practices and take in enough energy to maintain their body weight, need only about 15 percent of their total intake from protein. They do not need to fortify their diets with expensive protein or amino acid supplements.

That said, there is compelling scientific evidence to indicate that the timing of protein ingestion can profoundly alter the muscle protein response to intense exercise. For example, an acute bout of weightlifting exercise increases the rates of both protein synthesis and protein breakdown in muscle form many hours following a workout. In the absence of food intake, however, the rate of breakdown exceeds synthesis and thus these student-athletes actually lose muscle protein if they do not eat during recovery.

This does not mean that student-athletes need to consume amino acid solutions. High quality proteins in “real” foods such as slim milk, yogurt, fish, and chicken are as effective for promoting muscle growth following resistance exercise.

Student-athletes should consume about 0.1 gram of essential amino acid per kilogram of body weight, either immediately prior to heavy resistance exercise or during the first few hours of recovery.

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Student Activities Information

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Library News

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Parent Liaison News

  • Please let me know if your family is in need of food support. We would like to connect you with one of our community partners: Tree of Life (serving all of W. Loudoun), the Western Loudoun Food Bank (Lovettsville Residents), or the Round Hill United Methodist Food Pantry (Round Hill Residents).
  • I can also assist school supplies. Please contact me at deana.czaban@lcps.org

2020 -2021 Counseling Team

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The counseling department at Woodgrove looks forward to assisting you with your scheduling needs and post-secondary goals. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us so we can get to know you and serve you better.

  • Mr. Patrick Weaver ------------ A-Cop
  • Mr. Steven Cohen -------------- Cor-Gra
  • Mrs. Amy Scott ----------------- Gre-K
  • Mrs. Donna Kelly --------------- L-O
  • Mrs. Barbara Bell --------------- P-Sm
  • Mrs. Rachael Sutphin -------- Sn-Z

  • Mrs. Geri Fiore ------------------- Director of School Counseling
  • Mrs. Bernadette Ishmael ---- School Registrar
  • Mrs. Stephanie Butler -------- Counseling Administrative Assistant
  • Mrs. Annie Harding ------------ Career Center Specialist
  • Mrs. Justin Jarvis -------------- Testing Coordinator/FACETime Coordinator

Mental Health Team

  • Mrs. Kelley Trenary -------- School Social Worker
  • Mrs. Heidi Buckner -------- School Psychologist
  • Mrs Amy Iliffe ---------------- Student Assistance Services Specialist
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Course selection for the upcoming 2021-22 school year has begun. All students will be registered for courses through StudentVue. Students have received a copy of their teacher recommendations for their core classes and are encouraged to talk to their teachers if they are thinking of selecting a course other than the one recommended for them. Students must select their seven courses in StudentVue by March 5th.

Instructions on how to complete online course requests along with course descriptions can be found on the Counseling Website under Academics.

Click here for the 2021-2022 LCPS Program of Studies

Senior Parent Meeting - Recording

A recording of the Senior Parent Meeting on February 4th is available for those who were unable to attend. Listen to important information pertaining to Scholarships and Graduation using the link below:

Senior Parent Meeting Recording

Woodgrove Scholarships

The Woodgrove Scholarship Application season is now open! In an effort to streamline the application submission process and to enable students to submit applications electronically this year, students will be using Schoology to submit applications for our school and community scholarships listed on Naviance and Schoology. To help students with this transition, counselors presented the new application process to all seniors during Advisory. In addition, step-by-step instructions and videos can be found on the school website under Scholarships & Financial Aid.

We encourage ALL seniors to review the WHS Scholarship List either on Naviance or on the school website and to take advantage of the opportunities available only to Woodgrove Seniors!

Applying to our school and community scholarships is the first step when looking for funds for post-secondary education. Find other opportunities here.

In addition, Loudoun County is continually updating their website which lists the scholarships for 2020-2021 along with application links and submission requirements. Bookmark the LCPS Scholarship List page to stay informed throughout the school year. Updates are also added to the Career Center Weekly Newsletter emailed to parents and students every Friday.

March SAT

This is an update to a previous message regarding the upcoming SAT test.

The SATs are still scheduled for Saturday, March 13th at Woodgrove. CollegeBoard has rescheduled some students due to over enrollment and they would have contacted your student if their placement for testing has been changed or canceled. If your student has not received notification of a change, then your student is still on our roster and should plan to take the exam on that day.

Career Interest Tools

Naviance has comprehensive tools that help students decide which careers best suit them based on their interests and talents. Students were presented with lessons during Advisory on Career Clusters and were shown how to take the Career Interest Profiler – a tool that suggests careers based on an assessment of your strengths, passions and interests. Discover careers and learn about the skills needed, job outlook, salary, which schools offer a related major and more!

View the quick lesson here and help your student explore!

Take a quick tour of Naviance! and see for yourself all the tools available to you and your student.

Since NOVA is always one of our most popular post-secondary option among our students, their admissions team has created valuable resources to help students learn about the programs available, view videos on how to apply and explore links to online information sessions. In addition, a recording of Mr. Chalk’s NOVA overview can be found on the school website under NOVA.

NOVA is offering live zoom sessions on a variety of topics : exploring majors, support with application, information on applying to Health Sciences/Nursing program and student life. Register here to attend.

Reach out to Mrs. Harding at annie.harding@lcps.org to schedule an individual session with Mr. Chalk, our NOVA high school coordinator to discuss your education goals, or register on Naviance for his next virtual visit to be held on March 22nd at 1:30pm.

Big Future Day College Fairs

Sophomores and juniors should take advantage of this upcoming event! College Board is hosting four virtual college fairs that are designed for you to have real conversations with hundreds of colleges, admission reps, and current college students. You can sign up to attend any event and more than one to explore colleges in each region across the nation. Learn more at cb.org/bigfuturedays and sign up for the College Board BigFuture Days!

Events take place throughout February and March.

Don't Miss Out

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Are you getting the Career Center Weekly Newsletter? Sent every Friday, this newsletter contains lots of details on upcoming events, important dates to remember, scholarship, college, career information and more!

Email Mrs Harding at annie.harding@lcps.org if you don’t see these in your inbox!


Click here to follow the Counseling Department on Social Media

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Job, Volunteer & Leadership Opportunities

Follow us here for the latest information on jobs, internships, leadership opportunities and more

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Recent Job Postings -High Sierra Pools, Leesburg Parks& Rec

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WHS Information

High School Parking Lot WiFi Access

In our efforts to continually improve and meet the challenges of a large school district, we are deploying solar powered WiFi to high school parking lots.

Each of our high schools will be equipped with a solar powered, cellular wireless access point that will provide coverage to a portion of each schools parking lot. This will allow for social distancing and access to digital resources for those in need of internet access. Each area depicted is an estimation of coverage and capacity may be impacted by weather, number of connected users and other factors. Areas selected are also monitored by LCPS Safety and Security patrols, camera's and other techniques to provide a safe environment.

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LCPS Information