K-5 Principal Advisory Board

Join other Involved Parents to Help Shape our School

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All About the K-5 Principal Advisory Board - it's NEW!

If you are interested in joining the K-5 Principal Advisory Board please indicate your interest HERE.

The K-5 Principal Advisory Board is a group of parents that will meet once a month, in a virtual meeting room, with the K-5 Principal to discuss topics that are important to the school community.

The goal of the board is to generate ideas and feedback that will help improve our school and support effective communication between PALCS administration, teachers and families.

Each meeting will be approximately 45 minutes. The agenda will be shared with the parent board and K-5 school community.

Our goal is to have a parent representative on the board from each of the 17 elementary classrooms. Parents with multiple children in the PALCS elementary school are encouraged to join our group and may represent more than one classroom.

The responsibilities of the parent representative include:

  • Attend Principal Advisory Board meetings regularly and bring a positive and collaborative outlook to our discussions.

  • Reach out to the parents/guardians in your child's classroom by phone, message and/or email to collect feedback and share information from the Board meetings.

We encourage you to join our group! Please indicate your interest in the K-5 Principal Advisory Board by clicking the link and filling out to survey above.