2B Times

#3 October 16, 2015

Dear 2B Families,

  • In Literacy, we are reviewing some story elements in fiction texts and discussing how they help us read and understand the story in Reader's Workshop. Some story elements that we have talked about are the title, author, characters, setting, problem, and solution of the story. In Writer's Workshop, we are giving and receiving feedback from our peers about our writing and continuing to add details to our stories by using very specific descriptive words, which we learned are called adjectives!
  • In Math, we continue to practice our addition and subtraction strategies. When subtracting, we are working on determining what to do when we know there is not enough ones to subtract. We learned that we must take from the tens place and we do this by decomposing to the nearest 10 (e.g. 23-7 --> 10-7=3 --> 13+3=16). To continue supporting your child in increasing their math fluency, we recommend playing with subtraction flash cards (Here is a link to purchase on Amazon) or simply engage your child in solving subtraction problems in daily life (e.g. We bought 24 apples at the store and ate 7 in a week, how many do we have left?)
  • In Inquiry, we continue to discuss what we know about Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities as well as which leaders we want to learn more about. We are also exploring how this connects with our overarching theme of Immigration. We are asking questions such as: What responsibilities do immigrants have? What rules they have to abide by? etc.

Important Announcements

  • Monday, 10/19: Swimming at YMCA - More info below
  • Friday, 10/30: Field Trip to the Lower East Side Tenement Museum - Click on the link below to sign up as volunteers!
  • Homework has begun in 2nd grade! Here are a few notes regarding homework:
- They are handed out every Wednesday in an orange take home folder.

- The homework is expected to be returned with the orange folder the following Wednesday. Incomplete homework will be completed by child during Morning Work or Choice Time.

- Students should leave their orange folders in their backpacks (even if they leave the homework packet at home during the week) to bring any papers that are handed back).

- Homework from the previous week will be returned with comments by the following Monday (please note not every assignment will be graded).

- Please do not have students spend more than 30 minutes completing any one task in the homework. If they are “stuck”, simply have them include/complete as much as they can and instruct them to approach us the next day. We will address it in class and their homework will still be marked as completed.

Specials Update: Finding the "Rhythm" of a New School Year

Students in 2B started got into "the groove" of the new school year by exploring beats and rhythms! We watched marching bands and discussed in small groups our ideas on what it takes to be part of a great music group! Using our rhythm sticks, we played along to songs we love and we are currently preparing for our first musical performance which we will present to the BPCS High School Chorus in November! We are looking forward to a fantastic year of making music together!
Big image
2B "Marching Band"


Our class starts this upcoming Monday October 19th!

Please do not forget to send your child with:

  • Red Bathing Cap

  • GOOGLES (they are allowed to wear goggles)

  • Flip Flops

  • Bathing suit

  • Plastic ZipLoc Bag [for wet bathing suit]

  • Small bag [to carry swim gear]

    • this can be a small backpack, gym or drawstring bag

*Towels will be provided by the YMCA

Back to School Night

Thank you for coming to Back to School Night! We enjoyed meeting with and talking to you all and we hope you enjoyed visiting the classroom where your child continues to grow each and every day! For the families who were unable to attend, here is the link to the Back to School power point and handout regarding Music class used that night.

Tenement Museum Field Trip | Friday, October 30

Click on the link above to join us on our first field trip!

2B Kicks the Year Off with International Dot Day!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to 2B Artists who kicked this year off strong. Together, we created our first BPCS ART installation of the year—inspired by the work of Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama! Since then we’ve been exploring origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into three dimensional objects—animals, shapes, characters, etc. Together we created a hanging sculpture (or chandelier) for our classroom library. What a year we are going to have!

FYI : Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining us for ART. Extra hands are welcome (but I do want to plan for your visit). If you have creative expertise to share, we could design a project together! Additionally, we are stocking up on recycled materials for art making, please: colorful plastic caps, corks, tubes, buttons and game pieces in bulk, and dryer lint! Many thanks!!

dot day!!