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We, at DeHority and Bates, specialize in civil law cases, especially pertaining to lost or damaged property.

Some useful information

While we talk to you, we might use some words that you don't know, and we really don't enjoy talking to ignorant people, so we will provide you with a basic understanding of the vocabulary:

plaintiff prosecutor
defendant the one sued by the plaintiff

complaint a document that the plaintiff files that gives a sufficient claim against the defendant
summons a calling to court
pleadings a formal statement of the cause of an action or defense.
pretrial conference a conference with both sides discussing the issues being tried
mediation when both parties talk with an unbiased third party who tries to settle the situation
arbitration When a third party hears both cases and makes a legally binding decision for both parties
trial the examination of two parties before a judge
preponderance of evidence having enough evidence to convict the defendant
verdict the decision made by the judge
appeal the request for a higher court to look at the case when one is unsatisfied with the decision of the lower court