1B Update #13

May 20, 2016

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Here we are gathering for our Townhall meeting to showcase our class dance, watch the national sport, and here announcements from our peers.

Check Out 1B!

Happy spring! We are busy at work here in 1B as we start towards our last units of the school year.

Reading & Writing

We have wrapped up our reading unit on fairy tales and are writing our own as a choice activity during PODS time. Our opinion writing unit has also come to an end as we are publishing our final pieces. Next up in literacy, we will explore the genre of poetry both through reading and writing. A way to support us at home is to read poems with us or discuss rhyme in song lyrics.


We have started off our new unit strong and have been working really hard. In math, we have been focused on regrouping when using addition and subtraction numbers up to 100. We have also started to learn the value of coins, their image, and names. Next up, we are learning about time. We are so excited to see our 1B scholars take on this new challenge! To support our mathematicians at home you can review the value of pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. Making it into a fun game by having them shop for items in your home. We also encourage you to make or provide subtraction problems flashcards. Solving addition problems has come naturally to 1B, but we will like to build their fluency on being able to solve subtraction problems with numbers ranging from 35-70.

Learner Profile: Inquirers

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Here are our Inquirer representatives for the class! Luke, Nadiyah, and Morton are naturally curious learners who continuously ask questions about the world around them as well as seek out to find answers independently.

Math Olympics & Inquiry

Last Friday, we flew to New Dehli India where we had a special guest, Kamala’s mom, visit and share about Hindu culture. To align with our inquiry unit on celebrations, we focused on two Hindu celebrations -- Holi and Diwali -- over the past two weeks to find out the meaning behind the celebrations and make connections to other celebrations that we know. We are working on showing the Learner Profile Inquirer where we ask questions and then find different resources to provide an answer, such as interviewing. Other fun activities involved, receiving a scarf and a bindi to partake in the culture experience as well as trying snack. We were incredible Risk-Takers with the snacks because we tried food that looked different from what we’ve eaten before and some were even spicy!


Author Visit

On June 3rd, the author Brian Pinkney will be visiting our class! Check out his work.


New Delhi, India 2016

CONGRATULATIONS to all BPCS artists who helped create our New Delhi Installation.

Kinder Artists made all of the marigolds for the Flower Market. Grade One Artists designed and built the Palace. And Second Grade Artists researched and created all the beautiful Rangolis on display!! Many thanks, artists, for all of your hard work!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of the parents who helped us get to INDIA!! We could not have made this trip without you! Your help and support is extraordinary! NAMASTE!

FYI : The Studio Lab no longer needs "colorful plastic bottle caps!" We have tons and the year end is quickly approaching!! THANK YOU! : )

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WOW! We have been doing so much in Physical Education I do not know where to begin!

In preparation for our land in Rio for the summer olympics we have been doing olympic inspired games and activities to get ourselves ready for our very own BPCS games at Brooklyn Bridge Park in June! In between Olympic training we learned how to play Cricket as we traveled to India. Check out some of our Olympians and cricket players in action!