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January 8, 2016 Ms. Ronda & Ms. Lisa

A Glance into Room 325

This week, we have been exploring the book, The Mitten, by Jan Brett. We have spent a good deal of time predicting and using the clues that Jan Brett gives us in her stories. We have been talking about what kinds of clothes are appropriate for wearing outdoors in winter, estimating and counting the number of blocks that will fit in our mittens, and writing a class book about what kind of animal we would fit into a mitten. We have also spent time learning more about ways to calm ourselves when we have strong emotions. This week, we learned to be a pretzel with our Conscious Discipline Feeling Buddy Lesson. Look for a video of how to do this later on in this newsletter. We opened a Hot Chocolate Shop in our dramatic play area and are learning to be a barista and/or a customer (new vocabulary!) Here are some of the Desired Results Developmental Profile Indicators we used:
  • responsible conduct as a group member
  • using and understanding language (receptive and expressive)
  • sociodramatic play with peers
  • letter and word knowledge
  • number sense of quantitiy

From a Conscious Discipline Facebook Post

Children will oppose you. Their ongoing development requires that they be negative at certain times and in certain situations. It is important to learn why children must say, “No!” and it is important to commit to responding to, “No’s!” instead of reacting.

Children need to say no to test limits and the social rules that prevail. At each stage of life, right through adulthood, people need to resist and oppose. Two-year-olds say, “No,” to define themselves as separate from their parents. Three to five-year-olds say, “No,” as they are discovering how to influence other people’s behavior. Six to eight-year-olds say, “No,” as they begin to classify and subsequently start viewing themselves and others comparatively. All children will behave in negative, oppositional manners, at different times, as they move through the normal stages of development. The nature of your response to your child’s negative behavior is critical!

This week’s Conscious Commitment:

I am willing to remember that there are developmental reasons why children say, “No!” I use this information as a reminder to QTIP (Quit Taking It Personally). I understand by perceiving, “No’s!” as a normal part of development, I can remain composed and respond rather than react. The nature of my response is what will make the difference between an attack/defend process or a teaching/learning opportunity.

Will you commit to helping your child in his/her development?

Animated Alphabet

We have learned about several letters so far this year. We have met the characters that correspond with the letters P, U, O, M, X, A, D, T, S, R, H, L, J and K. This week, we met Kimmy Kangaroo. She likes to say /k/, and her special action is blowing kisses. Look for the letter K around your house and ask your child to tell you the sound of K. Make sure that you are going back through your Animated Alphabet "book" to color and review the letters.

Meet Me At...

Meet Me At…

Woodneath Library!


Who: Liberty Early Childhood Preschoolers and Families

What: Join us for stories, movement, songs, and library card

sign up and checkout

When: Thursday, February 11th, at 9:30 a.m. or 10:30

(session is approximately one hour; your choice of times)

Where: Woodneath Library, 8900 N. Flintlock Road,

Kansas City, MO 64157

Why: You and your child will have the opportunity to…

· Interact with peers through play towards a shared purpose

· Learn about how print carries meaning

· Recall the library experience using a song cube that can be made during the session

· Use his/her large muscles during music and movement

· Find out about future programs suited to his/her age

Looking Ahead....

  • January 18th (Monday)-No School due to Martin Luther King Day
  • February 9th and 11th (Tuesday and Thursday)--Parent/Teacher Conferences (Signupgenius invites were sent out earlier in the week.)
  • February 9th (Tuesday)-Friendship Parties

Every Child Together....