Need a dog sitter?

Bring your pack member out to the country!

Country Canines (What we offer)

My name is Megan, I run a dog sitting/playtime service where dogs are treated like family. When I need to leave my dogs I feel uneasy and often wonder, "Can I trust that the person watching three of the most important members of my family will care for them as I would?" And since most of the time the answer to that was no I decided to run my own dog sitting service from my home. I live in a small town about 45 minutes drive from Portland. When you drop your dog off you can expect he or she will be treated with the utmost respect and love just as I treat my own.

In this dog family we don't discriminate against ANY breed. We regard ALL dogs, no matter the breed, size or age as pack members!

A general day includes:

dog pick up/drop off

Breakfast//lunch/dinner/ snacks/administer any medication needed (you supply you own dog food, I supply treats if allowed)

Potty Time in fenced yard

Morning walk on beautiful Forest Grove trail, rain or shine

Nap time

Lunch field trip to family farm to touch noses with mules and run to their hearts content!

Nap time

Treat time!

Play time (tug-o-war, fetch, swimming pool time in summer...etc)

Nap time


Pick up no later than 9:00pm or your pooch can stay for a doggie sleepover which includes tons of pillows and blankets to curl up in, on or somewhere in between.

Dog Sitter Pricing:

$50.00/day for doggie sleepovers (mostly for vacationers)

$3.00/hour per dog over 50lbs

$2.50/hour per dog under 50lbs

All dogs that are not staying overnight must be picked up or dropped off between the hours of 5:30am and 9:00pm.

I offer text updates, and doggy report cards for newcomers with pictures of your Canines day as a Country dog!

I offer basic training which includes:





Leave it

Leash manners

No jumping up

Manners during feeding time

At Country Canines we believe in rules and guidelines dogs need to follow in order to live a happy, balanced life and make your life easier.

Training pricing:

$100 for all basic training

Or $20 for every command learned. You will not be charged until you are able to complete the command with your dog. You're the one who will be living with him or her, not me. :)

I am open to dogs of all sizes, age breed, 3 legged dogs, grumpy old dogs that need peace and quiet, puppies that need a little extra training and lots of playtime... Let me know what you've got. :)

The main thing I ask is that you bring proof of your dogs Vaccinations. As we don't want to spread any diseases or illnesses. If your dog does have a special need let me know what it is and i may be able to work with you to care for him or her to the best of my abilities.

I also offer bathes, nail trimming and brushing out all that undercoat that gets shed all over your home and clothes. Don't worry about my home and clothes, I'm used to it! :)

Grooming pricing:

$25.00 for a brush, bath and nail trim for short haired dogs.

$35.00 for brush, bath and nail trim for medium to long haired dogs.

I will be accepting dogs as of mid-September- late

-September to join our pack.

We are in the process of moving so I am currently unable to take any dogs in until that time..

My pack members

The beautiful Forest Grove trail

Your dog will enjoy the fresh air and the exercise he/she gets when we take our daily walk on the very safe and beautiful trail located just blocks from my home.

Country Canines

Call, text or email to make an appointment for our dogs to meet and for a general behavioral assessment of your dog.

About me

At this point you may be wondering my qualifications to do all these doggie related duties.

So i'll tell you a little about my animal career...

I have been a dog lover and a lover of all animals for as long as I can remember. When I was twelve my parents got me my first dog, a Pomeranian named Shadow. I had her for about two years when she was struck by a vehicle and died instantly. As a young girl I was heart broken but a few months later I was ready to have a dog again. Thats when I got Sparkie who is now 10 years old. However, still horrified by the tragic death of my best friend I decided I was going to learn how to train this one right so we wouldn't have anymore unnecessary deaths or accidents. After graduating from High School I took an online dog training course through Penn Foster Online Careers, studied Caesar Millan's training methods and tried every other training trick I learned on Sparkie. After deciding being a full time dog trainer wasn't my thing I went to Carrington College in Portland to become a Veterinary Assistant. I finished schooling in October 2012 and moved to Washington state for a year to be with family and now here I am moving back to the roots of it all back to the town I call home; Forest Grove. In between moving and school I've worked in a Vet Clinic, Petsmart, a Dog Boarding Business, an Animal Shelter and have had many other animal related jobs since I was a kid including grooming friends and neighbors dogs, walking their dogs and of course pet sitting!