Hey Seniors!


Let’s celebrate your post Rock Ridge plans!

When: Monday May 17th between 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM in front of Rock Ridge.

Please read through the details and then RSVP at the link below

What to Expect:

(All contests apply to whatever path you chose whether college, military, job or gap year)

Cap decorating contest – Decorate your cap for graduation and bring it to Decision Day. We will take a picture and the RRHS faculty will vote on the following categories:

Best Overall

Most Humorous

Most Inspirational

Most Blinged Out

Car decorating contest – Decorate your car to show where you are headed. Prizes will be awarded.

Photo Ops – The Big Digits are back Class of 2021!

We will have multiple places for photo ops. This is just one!


Your photo ops will look a lot better supporting your future home/college, military branch or job.

We would also like to organize photo ops for those headed to the same college or the military.

The RSVP link will include times to attend to maximize getting Seniors together who share future plans.

Finally, everyone gets a goody bag from Rocky 😊

RSVP by May 12th: https://forms.gle/DXP16BwuopbLsUg26

Looking forward to seeing everyone!