Lena Ratliff

fast facts

Chile is located in South America and the capital is Santiago. in Chile there are about seventeen million five hundred thousand people and the land forms are mountains, lakes and islands. the main language and religion are Spanish. from Chile's capital to the U.S.A .


a lot of people are made with seafood and meats. some more are fruits and vegetables. the most liked food are meat turnovers and baked meat. some people like stews, butter bean casserole and pumpkin dough sprinkled with sugar.


in Chile soccer is the most popular sport. families will come and watch it or watch it on TV. in Chile people spend their time in movie theaters, watch movies at home or shows. people also lie to watch rodeos popular is southern rural areas. these people in the summer go to national parks in Brazil or Argentina.


at all of the schools kids went to they wear uniforms. the school uniforms are expensive. history,Spanish and math are all important things there. the kids take a test to see if they need a higher grade level. from the poorer families kids don't do so good on their exams.


in Chile because the roads are not paved the roads are dangerous sometimes businesses and schools are closed because cars and vehicles are restricted. chilies stuff has been low it has a subway a private bus that goes in between cities. small cars go on a route and cars are being more used.


9/15 ther was a big earthquake from the beach

biblyography for the flag and Chile ProQuest 26/5 culture grams online edition 11/10/15