The Titanium Weekly


Hello The Divergent

Before I announce the people who are doing explicit work,First ask yourself the following questions :

Are you and your Vice President on the same terms?

Do you understand the what and why of your JD?

How is your team really?

Are you able to connect with your team members?

Do you like the way your team is and the path its heading towards?

Is your team active?

Are you certain that your team has the knowledge?

Can YOUR team achieve and fulfil their JD?

Are you having enough chill outs to make sure the team bonds?

Isn't it YOU who is going to change YOUR team members lives?

Have you really seen the change in EACH and EVERY member of YOURS?

Now for the exciting part. Congratulations to all of you.

Just because there are some of the Management Body members who are getting recognised does not mean that the others are not giving it their best. This means that the members who are getting recognised are going the extra mile and getting results. So don't worry if you're not getting recognised your time will come.