De Coronado's Search

Or, God, Glory, and Gold... But Mostly Gold

Canyon Discovered

Vazquez de Coronado, in his search for gold, has discovered something remarkable. On a scouting mission, he sent out a scouting group led by de Cardenas, which tracked a certain river. This river, it seems, is decidedly reddish in color. Upon further investigation, they have found a remarkable indenture in the land. The river, reportedly, runs through the middle of this indenture.

This great canyon, it has been discovered, is entirely unscalable. The scouting mission thought the could use the river at the bottom to reach the rest of their fleet, but failed in doing so. According to them, the walls are incredibly steep, and the river appears to flow many kilometers below them. We believe this group of people are the first Europeans to have seen this fantastic geographic anomaly.

Battle in Cajamarca

There has been a war between the Spanish and the Incas at Cajamarca. The Spanish, led by Francisco Pizarro, seized the Inca leader Atahualpa. They then proceeded to kill thousands of Atahualpa's counselors, commanders, and vulnerable attendants in this vast plaza of Cajamarca. Reportedly, this confrontation was inevitable, as in the months beforehand Pizarro was using subterfuge and espionage to plan this.

There are an estimated 2,000 Incas dead, with an additional 5,000 taken prisoner along with the leader Atahualpa. Out of the 106 members of the Spanish infantry, there have been minimal losses. The Incas were sufficiently decimated, as they had never encountered the guns that the Spanish used before. Atahualpa's wife, it has been reported, is in imprisonment along with Atahualpa.


Frankly, I have found the treatment of the Natives to be atrocious. They are dying off another from our European disease; why further their losses with slaughter? Any explorer, Spanish or Portuguese, should be charged with war crimes if they wage war against Natives without excessive provocation. This is not what our religion mandates as appropriate against other people. We should look to God and think what He would do to these Natives.

Here, I especially talk to Spanish conquistadors such as Hernan Cortes. The decimation of Natives in the southern part of the New World is immoral. We need to keep and even befriend these Natives; whatever their primitive religions or practices, they may offer a lot of information about the local lands, and may even guide us to the glorious El Dorado. Killing these people off and taking their riches is not the best practice, in the eyes of both God and man.

What's Up With Coronado?

Francisco Vazquez de Coronado is living quite the life in the New World. He has married a beautiful woman named Beatriz de Estrada, and has had many children already by her. This girl is the daughter of treasurer and governor Alonso de Estrada y Hidalgo, Lord of Picon. Certainly a score for Coronado!

Coronado, it seems has something more on his mind than just family life. He has heard from Friar Marcos de Niza of a city of gold, that sits high on a hill and possesses riches beyond anything that we could ever even imagine. It reportedly is inhabited by the Zuni, who killed de Niza's partner. It seems that Coronado is going to waste no time in looking for this city; he's already assembling an expedition.

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Get your gold now! Come to the New World in search of these cities of gold, and who knows what you might discover! The gold is everywhere, and absolutely free! Just take it from the savage Natives and you'll be "golden!"