Internet Safty

Middle Schoolers


1) Two-thirds on internet users fall victim to cybercrime.

2) Slightly more then 1/3 of youth surveyed were exposed to unwanted sexual material while online

3) 5% of parents have no idea what there children do online

4) 1in 10 children admit to visiting adult content sites when their parents are not around

5) The number of complaints per year in 2000 was 16k and in 2008 there was 275k

6) The number 1 country hackers reside in is the United States at 66.17%

Social Media

If you use Any sort of Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, or snap chat make sure you know who you befriend. Don't use the same password for them because then hackers can access you information for all you third-party usages.

Cyber Bullying

A survey showed that 6% of young people had experienced online harassment or cyber bullying.


There are three types of hacking. White Hat Hacking: someone who breaks security for at best altruistic and at the very least, non-malicious reasons. Grey Hat Hackers: Someone with hacking skills and ambiguous code of ethics who is neither altruistic or entirely above board. Black Hat Hackers: Hacker who breaks security simply to show off their skills or to engage in criminal activity.

Pie Chart

Blue= 66.17% The United states

Red= 10.5% The United Kingdom

Green= 7.5% Nigeria

Purple= 3.1% Canada

Talk to Them

Make sure that you talk to your children about their internet usage. Make sure they know how to make a strong password, with caps ,numbers and symbols. Monitor what they do online at home.