Berta Palacios Library Newsletter

5th Six Weeks 2017-2018

Open House Feb. 26, 2018

Pharr Memorial Public Library was invited by Palacios Librarian Mrs. L. Hinojosa to sign up parents and students for public library cards.


Joan Bauer-Author Visit

In February fifteen students were invited to meet Joan Bauer. Ms. Bauer is the author of the book Soar. Students traveled to the Pharr Event Center to hear her speak. Each student received a free paperback copy of Soar. Palacios students got to meet and chat with her after the event.


Pharr Police Officers invited to read to Palacios students

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Pharr Police Officer I. Segura and Officer D. Trevino were very gracious in accepting my invitation to read to our students. They are both awesome representatives of our law enforcement and community.


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Top 5th Six Weeks AR Readers

1st Grade

Angelina Becerra

Hector Medina

Eduardo Aguilar

Giselle Martinez

2nd Grade

Markell Rodriguez

Sophia Becerra

Jorge Aguirre

3rd Grade

Samantha Barrera Ortiz

Keylly Rodriguez

Eva Rodriguez

4th Grade

Devany Moreno

Jennifer Adame

Siomara Herrera-Santillan

5th Grade

Jose Gallardo

Carlos Lira

Oscar Valencia



March 2, 2018

Award-Winning Author-Angela Cervantes

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Me, Frida, and the Secret of the Peacock Ring

"Twelve-year old Paloma Marquez accompanies her mom on a four-week research fellowship to her father's birth country of Mexico. On her first night in Mexico, Paloma quickly finds herself entangled in a mystery involving an artifact that once belonged to the legendary artist, Frida Kahlo."

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April Poetry Month

§110.2. English Language Arts and Reading

(b) Knowledge and skills.

(6) Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Poetry. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of poetry and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to describe the characteristics of various forms of poetry and how they create imagery (e.g., narrative poetry, lyrical poetry, humorous poetry, free verse).


Top Patron Statistics


1. Rodriguez, Keylly Marie 43

2. Rivera, Carlos Elias 33

3. De Los Santos, Caitlin Sophia 30

4. Juarez, Monik Nichole 26

5. Moreno, Devany 26

6. Archer, Matthew Tyler 25

7. De Santiago, Daniel 25

8. Olivares, Geraldine Ileny 23

9. Rodriguez, Eva Delilah 22

10. Ayala, Fernando Enrique 21

Top Homeroom Statistics

1. Hinojosa, Cynthia 2nd 236

2. Lopez, Edith 3rd 228

3. Valdez, Juan 3rd 223

4. Mendoza, Lucila 210

5. Ortiz, Ana 3rd 143

6. Noreiga, Lorena 130

7. Rodriguez, Jeanette 129

8. Villarreal, Sylvia 118

9. Salazar, Hazel 109

10. Pizano, Melissa 97