Broken Arrow Weekly Update

Looking Forward to the Week of April 3-7

Message from Mrs. Green

This week has been filled with many emotions. Broken Arrow Eagle staff, students and all of you have been processing the news of Monday night's Board Meeting. While this news has brought many feelings of sadness and loss, I have been incredibly proud of how our staff and students have responded. We have continued to stay focused on our goals at school while also being there for each other. We are a strong community that want the best for our students and we will continue to strive for exactly that through this transition. The outpouring of support, kind messages, lots of coffee and some sugar has made an incredibly difficult time/situation more bearable for our staff. Your thoughtfulness and generosity is just the pick me up that many of our staff needed. So, thank you for your unwavering, continued support of this community. It truly means so much. As we continue through the year and this transition process together, please know that I am ALL IN and SO PROUD to be the Principal at Broken Arrow. I will work harder than I ever have before to ensure that all students have a successful transition and support as we move into the future. Please let me know what you need.

This week has also been filled with SO many examples of cooperation, our word of the month. Check out some of these examples throughout the building and during our Eagle Nests at the pictures below.

Proposed Boundary Information and Link

The district has already started to collaborate with city staff to examine Safe Routes to School, and with First Student, to evaluate transportation. The board received a written report from its Boundary Advisory Committee detailing a recommendation to accommodate the redistribution of students across remaining schools. The board will consider the proposed boundary changes in April. The recommended boundary map may be found at

The district will create a Transition Team with representatives of Broken Arrow, Pinckney, and future receiving schools to support the needs of students, families, and staff during the upcoming transition.

Middle School Counselor to Visit 5th Grade This Week

Next week, Middle School Counselors will visit our building to provide your student with information on middle school and 6th grade enrollment forms that will need to be filled out with you at home and brought back to school. Enrollment forms will need to be returned to school prior to the enrollment date the following week. Visits to Middle Schools will be May 8th & 9th with a parent meeting scheduled for May 9th.

Friday, April 7th: First Grade and 3Hoy on Field Trips!

Our first grade classes are headed on a field trip to the Topeka Zoo this Friday morning. If you are a first grade parent, make sure to read through the information shared by our first grade teachers about this exciting field trip for our students. We MUST have the permission slip form completed for students to attend since it is out of town.

Ms. Hoy's class is headed to the Spencer Art Museum here in Lawrence on Friday afternoon. This is a quick one hour field trip but is full of fun! There is not a permission slip required for this field trip due to it being in town. Permission for in town field trips is completed by parents during the enrollment process. If you have questions about this, please don't hesitate to ask.

3rd-5th Grade: State Assessments

Our 5th graders did a great job this week with their Science State Assessment! We are so proud of our 5th graders and teachers. We will keep the good times going and 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be taking their ELA and Math State Assessments in the coming weeks. See the dates and times that testing will be taking place below:

3rd Grade (Hoy's Class) :

ELA Day 1-Tuesday, April 11th at 9:45am

ELA Day 2-Thursday, April 13th at 9:45am

Math Day 1- Wednesday, April 19th at 9:15am

Math Day 2- Friday, April 21st at 9:15am

4th Grade (Self and Bollig's Class):

ELA Day 1-Tuesday, April 11th at 8:30am

ELA Day 2-Thursday, April 13th at 8:30am

Math Day 1- Wednesday, April 19th at 8:30am

Math Day 2- Thursday, April 20th at 8:30am

5th Grade (Morgan and McDermott's Class):

ELA Day 1-Tuesday, April 11th at 8:30am

ELA Day 2-Thursday, April 13th at 8:30am

Math Day 1- Thursday, April 20th at 8:30am

Math Day 2- Friday, April 21st at 8:30am

It is important that students get a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast to make sure they are ready to show their best. We also do not want these tests to cause any additional stress to students. We are so proud of their growth this school year and all that they have learned and are excited for them to show what they know. If your student is struggling with anxious feelings around this topic, please reach out.

Kindergarten Enrollment Information

We may not know what school looks like for Broken Arrow next year, but 5 year olds will go to kindergarten somewhere! We want our kindergarten families to register early so the district can make plans for next year. Hiring and teacher movement is dependent on the Spring forecast of Kindergarten Enrollment. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT INFO!

We will wait to assign schools until boundary changes are finalized and will continue to keep you updated as we know more.

The Transfer Request Form will not be available until boundaries have been finalized. At that time, we will have the new form available at THE LINK HERE

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We are focused on COURAGE for the whole month of APRIL. Please check out the resources below for specific activities to complete or discuss with your student(s) at home!

Congratulations to our Last Week of Cooperation Eagles!

Reminder about Sidewalk Construction From Julie Boyle

Dear Staff and Families,
The city of Lawrence has notified Lawrence Public Schools of planned sidewalk improvement projects near Prairie Park Elementary and Liberty Memorial Central Middle School. There will be sidewalk construction activity in the upcoming weeks on 27th Street, adjacent to Prairie Park, and on 15th Street, adjacent to LMCMS.

The city has limited permits so contractors do not impact vehicle traffic adjacent to the schools during drop-off or pickup times. The sidewalks next to the schools will be closed for approximately one week to allow for damaged panels to be replaced. Please watch for barricades, signage, and/or fencing that marks where this work is taking place and plan to avoid these areas for your safety.

We request that families of children who walk or bike to school identify an alternate plan or a safe route for them to use and communicate those instructions to your children. Please give them frequent reminders to avoid areas where sidewalks are closed for repairs.

Thank you for exercising caution during these city sidewalk improvement projects. Safety first!

Julie Boyle
Executive Director of Communications
Lawrence Public Schools
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The Dental Clinic Team will be back at Broken Arrow on May 9th. See Below!

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