East End Prep Newsletter

March 2020

Whole School Announcements

We are so grateful to be a part of the Nashville community after a really tough start to March with the tornado. If you were impacted by the tornado and need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the EEP Family for support. We are so thankful to EEP staff and families who have been a part of the relief efforts and continue to support the broader community!

The Coronavirus: COVID-19

At East End Prep, we will take the following steps to help stop or slow the spread of respiratory infectious diseases, including COVID-19 (known as the Coronavirus):

  1. Stay at home if you are sick

  2. Appropriately cover coughs and sneezes

  3. Clean frequently touched surfaces

  4. Wash hands well and often

  5. Keep sick students separate from well students until they can leave

Our facilities manager, Mr. Welch, is working diligently with our janitorial crew to deep clean and sanitize all parts of the building throughout the day and each evening while being mindful of CDC guidelines and tips to do so properly.

Wellness Strategies and Additional Information:

  • One-pager on what you need to know about the Coronavirus from the Center for Disease Control

If MNPS closes school...

Educational resources for home

We hope this doesn't happen, but if MNPS does decide to close school, we want to have resources available for families to help continue their children's education. We will compile resources into a 1-pager for families so that you can support your child in the event school is closed.

2020-2021 Applications for New Students

We are now accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year! Tell your friends and family members to apply on our website or come to the front office to fill out an application. To be eligible for Kindergarten, students must turn five before August 15.

Library Card Numbers

Local Public Libraries have changed Library Card numbers to each student's' individual ID numbers. If you need access to your scholar's student ID number, please call the front office.

Please check out our website for helpful resources and don't hesitate to reach out to your scholar's teacher or the front office if you have questions. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates as well.

Dates for the Radar

March 13 - 20: Spring Break (no scholars report)

March 27: Report Cards for Quarter 3 distributed

April 3: Parent Teacher Conference Day (2:30pm - 4:00pm) *Priority will go to families whose scholars are struggling academically, behaviorally, have attendance concerns and/or at risk of retention. Teachers and administrators will be calling to set these up.

April 10: Spring Holiday (no scholars report)

April 13 - May 1: TN Ready Testing Window for 3rd - 8th Grade

May 1 and May 2: East End Prep's Production of High School Musical at Vanderbilt's Ingram Hall

Updates from the PTO

We will have our last PTO meeting of the school year on May 5 from 6-7pm

K-2nd Grade Announcements

Kindergarten- Thank you for your support and continuous sight word practice during Quarter 3! Scholars are working really hard to finish STRONG! We will start our “Plants and Animal” (Science) unit after Spring Break. Be on the lookout for information regarding “Animal Projects”. We appreciate and value your partnership as always!

2nd Grade: Field Trip is rescheduled with the date to be announced as soon as possible. Homework this week is lighter but please ensure your student is still reading 30 minutes per night. At home learning packet is only to be done if we are called out due to illness.

3rd - 5th Grade Announcements

It is the Testing Season!!

We are excited about the progress our scholars are making so far this year and would like to “tighten the belt” on a few areas that could impact scholars' success on their upcoming assessments. From now to the end of year, we need 100% on-time attendance from all scholars.

Late arrivals and absences on testing days may cause your scholar to miss testing for that day, test in an alternate setting, test later in the day, and/or take a subtest 1 day behind other scholars. From our experiences, these factors could negatively impact your scholar’s performance.

Additionally, we are asking that you continue to check your scholar’s paycheck each Thursday. If scholars have a paycheck less than $80, this may also have an impact on scholar’s academic performance during this most critical time of the year

TN Ready dates: April 13th - April 24th (Scholars will be taking a subtest of the TN Ready assessments every day)

3rd grade Spirit Week

  • The 3rd Grade will participate in Spirit Week from March 23-27 during the week immediately following Spring Break. Please check your scholar’s folder for a letter detailing which days your scholar has earned to dress up along with each day’s theme. As the weather is changing, we are noticing more scholars misplacing their sweaters/jackets. Please make sure to write your scholar’s initials or name inside of their jacket.

4th Grade Field Trip

  • The 4th grade field trip to BizTown will be on Monday, March 30. The cost of the trip for students is $18. Please note that this price is different from what was originally communicated a few months ago! Permission slips came home with scholars on 3/9. Please sign and return with the payment as soon as possible! Reach out to Ms. Thompson with questions or concerns.

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Middle School Announcements

7th Grade Field Trip Canceled - The 7th grade Field trip to the Adventure Science Center originally scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th has been canceled. All scholars who paid their field trip fee should have received their refund from their homeroom teacher. Scholars are expected to be in complete dress code on Wednesday, March 11th since the trip is no longer scheduled.

Interim Assessment Testing - Super thanks to all of the scholars and families for adapting to our testing make up schedules due to the Tornado absences! This week we will be finishing up interim testing for all content areas on the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 10 - Math

  • Wednesday, March 11 - Science

  • Thursday, March 12 - Social Studies

Interim Spirit Week - Scholars will come home on Thursday, March 12th with letters detailing which spirit week days they earned based on their interim work habits. Spirit week dates will run March 23 - March 26th, upon our return from Spring Break.

TNReady Prep Units - When scholars return from Spring Break we will begin TNReady Prep Units in all content areas! All grade level and content teams have put together engaging lessons to solidify all of the learning and scholarly habits that we have instilled in scholars this year to gear them up for success on the TNReady test. During our TNReady Units, please ask and reinforce the skills being taught daily in class during homework sessions with your scholar!

TN Ready Testing Window - Our TNReady Testing window runs from Monday, April 13th - Friday, May 1st! While attendance at school is crucial during all seasons, it is especially critical during testing season. We will be starting to test each day at 8:15 am. This means breakfast, restroom breaks, and last-minute strategies will take place beginning at 7:45 a.m. From 8:00 am – 8:15 am, scholars will decompress and intellectually prepare for testing.

In preparation for a smooth testing experience for all, please read the testing policies and procedures below to be informed on our testing procedures and policies as they relate to technology, absences and behavior. Please note that these policies will be informed in addition to our school wide policies during testing.

Technology:We strongly encourage you to have your scholar leave their cell phones at home on testing days. If they have any other form of technology such as a smartwatch or tablet, please have them leave that at home as well. If a scholar has any form of technology on them on a testing day, we will collect it and keep it stored in a secure area until testing is complete and return it to them at the end of the day.

Tardiness and Absences: On-time attendance is crucial on testing days. Testing will start immediately after breakfast. If your scholar is tardy, they will not be allowed to begin the test. They will have to wait in a study hall room and complete the test in the afternoon during the make-up test session. Additionally, if your scholar is absent on a testing day they will have to make up the test the day of their return in addition to the test that is already scheduled for that day. That means that your scholar will have to take two tests in one day. In order to ensure that your scholar does their absolute best on the tests, we would like to avoid having them take two tests in one day. Therefore, we are asking for parents to consider our testing window when making appointments during school hours.

Behavior: We expect that all scholars at EEP show exemplary behavior every day, but especially on high stakes testing days. We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior on testing days. If your scholar’s behavior jeopardizes the security or integrity of the testing environment, they will be removed from the class environment and we will call you to come pick them up from school immediately.

Also, please continue to check your scholar’s paycheck each Thursday. If scholars have a paycheck less than $80 at this point in the year, this may also have an impact on scholar’s academic performance during this most critical time of the year.

Additional TN Ready Parent Resources, can be found on the TN Department of Education https://www.tn.gov/education/assessment/tnready/tnready-parent-resources.html

We are confident that with your support, and the hard work of our scholars and teachers, we will have a successful few weeks of testing! Please reach out to administration if you have any questions or concerns!

East End Prep Athletics

Boys' Soccer season has started. There will be a $3 entry fee for all who attend.

3/12- AWAY game vs. Margaret Allen at Dell Fields

3/24- HOME game vs. Neely’s Bend at East End Prep

3/26- AWAY game vs. Donelson at TBA

3/27- HOME game vs. Litton at East End Prep

3/31- AWAY game vs. Stratford at Stratford

4/2- HOME game vs. DuPont Tyler at East End Prep

4/3- HOME game vs. Liberty at East End Prep

4/7- AWAY game vs. Two Rivers at Two Rivers

4/17- HOME game vs STRIVE at East End Prep

Track season will start after Spring Break. The schedule is below:

3/25 HOME vs. NACS at Stratford

4/1 AWAY vs. D.Tyler and Stratford at DuPont Tyler

4/8 HOME vs. East and Joelton at Stratford

4/29 AWAY vs. Kipp and GraMar at TBA

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to Athletics.

Coach Jones


Emily Fields

Assistant Athletic Director


Kiandra Young

JV Sports