Black Widow Charged For Murder

by: Danisha Tisdom

She Has Five Dead Husbands

Bogdana Neumar aka Wife of Bath was finally convicted for the murder of her 4th husband Aloys Gentry. It was believed at first that Aloys had died of natural causes but once the autopsy was performed traces of poisoning herbs were found in Aloys' system. The police believe that she went to her local apothecary to get the poison.

Victim's Brother Digs Deep

Dicun Gentry not only believes Bogdana Neumar killed his brother Aloys Gentry, but also her other four husbands in four different states. In a time period of 15 years she has married in Ohio, New York, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia. One thing that Bogdana never showed any fault in is life insurance. All five of her husbands had an ample amount of money stored in their life insurance policies. Her first husband had left behind $10,000, her second husband left $15,000, third husband left $18,000, fourth husband left $25,000, and her last check totaled up to $35,000.
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