Knowing Syphilis

A quick spreading virus.

How it is Transferred?

This bacteria can passed on from person to person by kissing or having sex, or even when giving birth so most likely any personal contact could be the reason why you caught this virus.

Symptoms to know if you are caring this disease....

  • you may or may not have symptoms
  • 4 stages (primary, secondary, latent, tertiary)
  • Primary-you get sores which are called chancre(appears in 9-90 days)
  • Secondary-fever, headache, sore throat, swollen lymph glands, and patchy hair loss(appears 3 weeks-6 months after infection)
  • Latent and tertiary happen only if you don't get it treated

Examples of people who had Syphilis

Is Syphilis Treatable ?


If you find out you have syphilis you must get it treated as soon as possible or else it can damage you badly. The best treatment they have is penicillin, but if you cant not take penicillin for personal reasons, then you may take any antibiotics.

Other Important Information

  1. If you don't want to spread this disease to others, you must stop being sexually active unless you are told so by a doctor that you are fine.
  2. Also many people believe once you get it you are immune to it, but in reality you have a 30-50% chance of getting it back.
  3. Caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum
  4. Average days to know get symptoms is usually 21
  5. 20k to 200k US cases per year