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Salsa music derived from Cuban Son and Jazz music. Many Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrated to New York City and in the 1970’s and made it popular.

Salsa is basically Cuban Son, but there are many more influences on this genre of music. Salsa is a fusion of Spanish cancíon, guitar, and Afro-Cuban percussion. There is also some US influence on Salsa like jazz, and some rock, R&B and funk.


Salsa has a 1-2-3 1-2 rhythm and has a fast tempo. The main instruments in Salsa are percussion like maracas, bongos, cow bells and other instruments like that. Singers try t mimic a call and response pattern like African music. Other instruments include guitar, violin, piano, flute, and brass instruments including trombones, trumpets, and saxophones. Over the recent years electronic instruments have been added as well.

Influential and popular Salsa artists

These people shaped continues to influence Salsa music


The dance associated with Salsa music is Salsa dancing. The dance is very fast and involves partners. The male usually leads the female in the couple. The main point of the dance is to step on the beat of the music.

Music Today

Since hip hop, rap, and pop music is becoming more popular they are immersing more of the popular artists and styles into salsa music.

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