Mustang Tales

March 11, 2022 Vol 2. Issue 26

Message from Principal Masone

Dear Families:

In my previous communications, I have told you that we were piloting a new math curriculum, considering both Illustrative and Eureka Squared. After piloting both curricula and involving many students and teachers, we have selected Eureka Squared.

According to second grade teacher, Erin Huffman:

"Eureka math provides an opportunity for all students to be successful in math by using hands-on learning and explicitly taught mathematical strategies. Students are able to work through abstract concepts using concrete manipulatives and different strategies. Students are taught to explain their mathematical thinking and justify their answers."

Third grade teacher Maria Woytko expressed:

"This program will allow students to explore math concepts in-depth through partner work, review of concepts in daily fluency practice, and hands-on manipulatives. "

It's Open Enrollment for our entire school district and we are currently accepting applications for all in district and out of district students. Become a Mustang here! Choice Enrollment. Check out information below.

Morning drop-off is improving. We continue to provide extra staff outside to guide drop off and pick up. We are working with the City of Manitou Springs to increase sign visibility and update painting around our school. Check out the new school signs and our painted guard rail on Prospect Place to ensure our local fire truck can get through our streets. Please give a shout out to city employees Eric Karlson and Roy Chaney for their support in maintaining a safe and welcoming school environment.

You can view our Facebook page here. We are updating the site with important announcements and pictures of your children.

On Sunday, March 13th, don't forget to move your clock forward one hour. Also, next Wednesday is Late Start Wednesday.

Have a terrific weekend!



Important Dates

  • Mar 16 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • Mar 21-25 - Spring Break
  • Mar 30 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • April 4-8 - Scholastic Book Fair - See Below
  • April 5 - Climate Kids Club Meeting - See Below
  • April 6 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)
  • April 6 - COVID Vaccine Clinic sponsored by the City of Manitou Springs - See Below
  • April 19 - Class Picture Make-Up Day
  • April 22 - No School - Staff Work Day
  • April 27 - Late Start Wednesday (2 Hour Delay)

Meet our Building Substitutes

We are so very lucky to have both Eve Ane and Elody McIlhargie, as our long-term building substitutes! Both of these terrific substitutes have served us in so many ways. Please thank them when you see them!
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Kindergarten: Ask Your Expert!

We are still learning about Columbus and the Pilgrims. Here are this week's questions.

After Columbus sailed to the New World, did other explorers sail across the Atlantic Ocean to continue exploring? (Yes). Why did the Pilgrims decide to leave England and journey to the New World? (They didn’t like the King telling them how to worship). What Native American tribe helped the Pilgrims learn how to hunt, plant, and fish? (The Wampanoag tribe). What does the word fascinated mean? (You are amazed by something and give all of your attention to it). What is something you are fascinated by? (Answers will vary). Why? (Answers will vary).

2nd Grade: Ask Your Expert!

Second graders are learning all about insects. We have learned that insects are the largest group of animals on earth with thousands of different species! Ask your expert: What body parts do insects have? (head, thorax, abdomen, six legs and antennae) What is an exoskeleton and what does it do to help insects?(hard outer body like a shell to protect the insect/its wings) What makes a firefly glow?(their organ called a lantern produces a chemical reaction called bioluminescence) How do some insects sing?(Grasshoppers, cicadas and crickets).

This Week in TEAMS:

In TEAMS students in grades kindergarten through third grade have been learning to code using Spheros and Hour of Code. We are learning that there are various ways to code algorithms (which we learned are a set of steps). Students worked in groups to program the Sphero working together to be sure they aligned the Sphero correctly to move in the correct direction or to complete the given task using block code.

Fifth graders have been working hard learning the Numbers app to use for their science fair project. Students are practicing inputting data into a chart to form a graph. Students are responsible for labeling the X and Y axis as well as a title. Science fair judges will be asking students to explain their chart/graph and how it pertains to their project.
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This Week in Art:

Artists in third grade have been creating unique outer space-inspired t-shirts that they will wear during their "Space Night" on Tuesday, March 15th. Here are a few examples from Mrs. Woytko-Morris's class:

4th Grade: Ask Your Expert!

Last week, Fourth Graders began reading about Geology! We opened our unit by learning about Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift -- that Earth’s continents have very slowly moved over time. Ask Your Expert: What was Wegener’s evidence that this was happening? (Similar fossils and rock formations were found on different continents; Antarctica once had a climate warm enough for ferns to grow there). Why did Wegener compare the continents to enormous pieces of ice? (He thought that they were floating over denser rocks on the ocean bottom, and therefore moving around). What are the four layers of the Earth? (Inner core, outer core, mantle, crust). BONUS QUESTION! Demonstrate with your hands the ways that tectonic plates come in contact with each other. (Colliding -- crash together; Subducting -- one heavier plate slides under a lighter plate; Sliding - they slide past each other, but can create tremendous pressure).

2022-2023 Returning Student Registration Process

Current 2021-2022 MSSD14 students who will be returning, both resident and non-resident, will be rolled over to the 2022-2023 school year and will receive an email notification to complete the registration/renewal process in early June.

Here is the first step for you to complete:

Please help us with this process by completing the 2022-2023 Intent to Return Survey using the link below. We ask that all parents and guardians complete this survey regardless of whether they will be attending MSSD14 in the fall for the 2022-2023 school year.

Intent to Return Survey

Timeline for Parents/Guardians

  • March - Parents/Guardians complete Intent to Return Survey.
  • June – Online Registration/Renewal Snapcodes and instructions will be sent to Parents/Guardians
  • June, July, August – Information about the new school year is sent to Parents/Guardians from each school.

Coming Soon: Climate Kids Club!

Third through fifth graders will have the opportunity to join the Climate Kids Club next month! The Club will meet on Tuesdays after school until 4:00pm, from April 5th through May 10th. Check out the flyer below for more information, and turn your application (also below) in to the front office. There will be a $25 fee to join.
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Yearbook Order Form

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Manitou Springs Elementary School

Maria Masone, Principal

Jennifer Sueppel, Assistant Principal