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Who is JESUS?

One of the unique things about persons our age is that we are so full of life! Our lives are consistently consumed with events and happenings. We are often consumed with the responsibilities of work, school, campus life, community events and engagements, our homes, spouses, kids, family, church, friends, and many other facets of life. You can rest assured that we are continuously on the move and unlike "seasoned" individuals, we have the energy to do it and WE LOVE IT!


What about HIM? In the "hustle and bustle" of life do you often forget that you are in a relationship with HIM? Yes, we work and serve in the church. Yes, we engage in corporate opportunities to learn and grow in THE WORD...


What about the INTIMACY? Do we truly set aside time and put in an honest effort to nurture and foster our relationship with HIM?


Who is HE? Who is Jesus? Not the clichés that we've heard from the time that we entered church, but rather who is HE? Not what can HE do for you but instead, WHO is HE to YOU? Who is JESUS?

TrueU #3: Who Is Jesus?

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Third Thursday Dinner

Thursday, March 19th, 6pm

3730 University Drive Northwest

Huntsville, AL

We would like to start have Third Thursday Dinner each month. The location of dinner will differ from month to month nevertheless it will provide an opportunity for us to fellowship and share with one another in a relaxed and family friendly environment. This month, we will meet at Olive Garden. If you plan to attend, please CLICK HERE to RSVP no later than Wednesday, March 18, 2015 so that we can ensure adequate seating-SEE YOU THERE!