Soil Erosion in Eritrea

Christine Kim

The Soil Problem

Many places in Africa, especially Eritrea, has had to deal with soil erosion for many years. Human and animal involvement has been the cause of this problem, and activities such as foraging, grazing, and subsistence agriculture have leached the soil, eroding away its fertility Also, things such as slash-and-burn agriculture (when peasants keep on clearing land) have been the cause of more problems like deforestation and desertification (this is the effect of human and animal involvement).

Our Solution

The Plan

The solution method we will use is small-scale irrigation. Our organization will send a couple groups to Eritrea and other African countries in need of soil erosion help. We will get money for this project by partnering up with other people and organizations to create fund-raisers like car washes, garage sales, and bake sales. This money will be donated for the group's travel, tools, supplies they might need, and also for other soil erosion-help organizations.

Any Questions?

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