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Weekly Newsletter April 25-29,2022

No more backpacks starting April 25th - through the end of the year. They may carry items in a large Ziplock bag if needed.

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WJHS Administrators and Staff want to say thanks to All who provided support to our campus on Friday! Team Work Makes The Dream Work! You all made our day.

Welcome to WJHS

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Wharton Jr. High Amazing Team!

Welcome To Our Wonderful Campus. Go Tigers!!!

WJHS a Place where our scholars enjoy coming to learn

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Servant Leadership is being instilled in the minds of our scholars. Scholars helping scholars!

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Let's be in prayer for our scholars to perform well on STAAR! Keep Mr. Korenek and his family in our prayers in the tragic loss of his uncle. Mrs. Mata in the loss of her aunt. Let's keep our Team members in prayer our work family that is experiencing some difficult days in life: Coach Williams/Curtis Williams, Jr. / Coach Kenneth Davis family in his passing/ Jessica Hemphill in the passing of her 1st cousin/Mrs. Gaona in the loss of her dad/All of our teachers and students.

Theme: "We Are ALL In"

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Mission Statement: Our Purpose/What

At Wharton Junior High we will motivate our scholars to achieve their maximum potentials, and purpose in life.

Vision Statement: Where are we going!

At Wharton Junior High we believe in high academic success, respect for self and others, and empowering the next generation of leaders.

TIGERS Matrix: What Our Scholars Live By!

T- Trustworthy

I- Independent Learners

G- Growth Mindset

E- Educationally Engaged

R- Respectful

S- Servant Leaders

NEWS FLASH!!! News You Absolutely Can Use. Still in Effect!!!

Administrator "Task Force" is in effect looking and listening for the following every time they enter your room.

* Do they hear the teacher using CHAMPS at the beginning of class? Did they use it for each transition? For example, did you hear it from transition from warm-up to whole group, to independent work?

* Did they see or hear the teacher verbally review the Learning Targets before starting the lesson or did the teacher have a student read and review the learning Targets and Success Criteria? Are they up-to-date and accurate? If a scholar is asked, what are they learning are they able to articulate that?

* Is the teacher teaching from the "Power Zone"? Is there evidence of "Randomization" Did they see small group purposeful talk, turn and talk, peer-to-peer interaction? Did the teacher praise and recognize students for doing well? Is there evidence of writing/ exit tickets?

* Are data walls visible, neat and up-to-date?

* Every teacher should have received a copy of the critical TEKS for our campus and a list of their struggling scholars and will be expected to follow campus expectations of hosting One morning tutorial and One afternoon tutorial. This will be a campus expectation going forward. We are accountable for our under-performing scholars. It is "Educational Malpractice" if we don't do what we are charged to do to assure our scholars are successful. If we were doctors not doing what they were licensed to do, they could be subject to a lawsuit. We as educators have to be held to the same standards.

* If the "Task Force" answers "No" to one or more of these a follow-up conversation will be conducted within 48 hours of the infraction.

Brown's Educational Must Haves:

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CHAMPS! Classroom Management Expectations.

Every classroom needs to be CHAMP prior to starting the lesson and for every transition. For example: Scholars enter room, prior to starting warm-up give CHAMPS expectation. As they transition from warm-up to direct instruction tell them what the CHAMPS expectations are. When they transition to Group or Independent Work, review what the CHAMPS expectation are. Redirect when they are not following the expectations.

Professional Learning Communities Schedule

Everyone is expected to attend their scheduled PLC meetings. Be on time and come prepared. The way we grow is through collaboration, planning and implementation.
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WJHS Instructional Playbook. These strategies are to be practiced in the classroom daily. We will have focused walk-throughs that look for these strategies from the playbook. Make sure you are running the plays to get a touchdown!

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Notice*** Make sure you are using Fundamental 5 in your lesson planning daily. Fundamental 5- Are the basic practices of quality instruction. Are you implementing the Fundamental 5 in your planning and instruction?

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Our Upcoming Events: April 25-29, 2022

Monday- County Fair events/ High School ROTC Showcase 8th grade only. WJHS Bootcamp. Student conference meetings, Math should be passing data sheets on to Science this week

Tuesday- County Fair Events/Bootcamp/ Student data conferences/

Wednesday- County Fair events/Teachers holding student meetings for STAAR/ Wear Jeans with College Shirt

Thursday-County Fair Events/Teachers holding student STAAR meetings/ Spring Showcase

Friday- TGIF!!!/ No school/ Log your 5 parent contacts by end of the week/ Wear Jeans with Spirit shirts/ PBIS Review/ PLC - / Lesson Plan review by DH and IC for the upcoming week.



THEME: Final Theme Selection (after second count) - Hawaiian

Dates: March 28- April 29, 2022

Time: 7:45-8:30am


Week of:

March 28- April 1- Reading/Writing

April 4-8 - Math

April 11-15 - Reading/Writing

April 18-22 - Math

April 25-29 - Reading/Writing

Advisory Focus March 28 - April 29

Week 1- Social Studies

Week 2- Science

Week 3- Social Studies

Week 4- Science

Week 5- Science

TEKS: Will be based off of most common tested TEKS from past three STAAR tests and Benchmarks.

Grouping of Students: Morning Session is from 8:00 - 8:45- Students will be grouped by ability grouping for the Morning session. Groups will be based off of CBA’s, Benchmarks and MOY performance. Teachers will each be assigned a group of students.

Advisory groups will continue to be in Advisory classrooms. During advisory periods, all students and grade-levels will work on Science and Social Studies.

Saturday School:

Saturday March 26, 2022: 8:00-11:00am

  • Focus will be on Reading and Math. Students will rotate through four stations, spending 40 minutes in each station.

Saturday April 30, 2022: 8:00-11:00 am

  • Focus will be on Reading and Math. Students will rotate through four stations, spending 40 minutes in each station.

  • To encourage more male participation for Saturday school, we will host an open-gym for 1 hour after the last rotation.

  • Saturday school will include pizza and water for lunch

SATURDAY SCHOOL: Thanks to All Staff and Scholars that participated.

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April Monthly Reminders

* Assistant Principal Week

* Autism Awareness Month

* School Library Week and Volunteer Week

* National Librarians Day

* Good Friday

* Easter

* Administrative Professionals Day

* Earth Day

Important Information:

* Remember to incorporate the Fundamental 5 into your daily planning and lesson presentation.

* Post and Review Learning Targets (We will statements) and Success Criteria (I will statements).

* Know and use the campus selected strategies from Instructional Playbook

* CHAMP your classroom and at each transition

* Make your 5 parent contacts a week. Hopefully more positive than negative.

* Be at duty station at 7:30- actively monitoring/ On time is before time

* Stand at doors during passing or exchange periods

* No Junior High scholars should be on High school side without a teacher escort.

* Take attendance every period.

* Scholars should not leave your classroom without signing out and without a pass.

* Post tutorial schedules outside of classroom in color. Admin will do checks this week.

Mask are not required but certainly encouraged for the safety of ALL! We are ALL In at WJHS!

Protect yourself and others from the Delta variant.

WJHS we are working for the success of ALL scholars and staff. We have a Great Team at WJHS. We are very resilient.

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WJHS Weekly Highlights

Championing a scholar!!! Every Child needs a champion...

Thanks to the teachers and staff that stayed after school on Thursday to support our Tennis Athletes.

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