Front office manger

By Maraesha Nicholson and Ernest Broom


A front office manger is the first person that a guest meets when they walk into a hotel. they ensure that guest enjoy there stay while there at the hotel. but they also have to train new employees. they have to book rooms, deal with the billing accounts and making sure that guest have a very pleasant stay.


high end hotels require a bachelors degree

you need to have experience in the hotel industry

you need to have business ethics

Qalities of a front office manager

Have to have the ability to deal with complaining customers

need to be a leader so you can keep your employees In order

have to be able to handle any type of crisis


A general salary for a front office manger would be around 46,000 dollars. but you could possibly get less money but of course you could also make more. it depends of what hotel you are working for. but no matter what hotel you work for you will make good money

Task of a front office manager

Manage and monitor activities of employees

Maintain a professional service

Act as a manager

Inform front office of daily activities

Undertake responsibility for payroll

Have responsibility for managing expenses

Set up everything

Make sure all the rooms are clean

Coordinate all activities

Hold meeting for employees

Importance of a front office manger

Because a front office manger is the first person a customer meets when they walk into a hotel. so depending on how the front office manger acts determines if the customer wants to come back and stay or if that will be the last time. first impression is very important.