Wildcat Orchestra

Weekly Update #7

Happy Thursday Orchestra Families!

Another short week is in the books, so I get to send out my weekly update a day early (and hopefully to more people than just myself!).

Thank you to the 7th and 8th graders who were flexible and figured out their new lesson schedules so quickly. If you did not get the updated schedules, they are attached to this e-mail.

7th grade - everyone is on THURSDAY

8th grade - violins are on MONDAY, violas, cello, and bass are on FRIDAY

This week students concentrated on making our music look as 'pretty' as it sounds. Orchestra is unique where we want to sound good, but due to our bows being so visible, we also want to look pretty. Bowings are hard, but I am sure by the concert you will be impressed with the progress we have made in just a few short weeks. As a friendly reminder, mark your calendar, our concert is on NOVEMBER 10th at 7:00 PM in the Springman West Gym. All members in the Wildcat Symphony Orchestra will also be performing at the band concert this fall which is on NOVEMBER 12th. Even if you are not in the symphony, I recommend coming to that concert to see and hear what the symphony has been working on!

Next weeks rehearsal schedule is as follows:

Monday (10/19) - 6th grade morning rehearsal, 8th grade lessons (violin)

Tuesday (10/20) - 8th grade morning rehearsal, 6th grade lessons

Wednesday (10/21) - 6th grade morning rehearsal

Thursday (10/22) - 7th grade morning rehearsal, 7th grade lessons

Friday (10/23) - Wildcat Symphony Orchestra morning rehearsal, 8th grade lessons (viola, cello, bass)

Conference Hours

Conferences start TODAY! If you want to set up a specific time to meet, shoot me an e-mail and we can pick a time that works for you. Otherwise, I have an open door policy and would love for anyone to stop by!

I will be available for conferences:

Thursday (10/15) - 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Friday (10/16) - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM or 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

I look forward to seeing you then!

Musical Moment of the Week

This weeks musical moment is half amazing music and half a shameless plug. Have you ever seen the TV Show "The Voice"? If not, I highly recommend checking it out. On this TV show, the celebrity judges use blind auditions to choose members of their team. That means that contestants sing with the judges backs to them and if the judge likes them and chooses them for the show then their chair turns around and they get to see what the singer looks like. I very much appreciate that they are judging the musicians based on their voice rather than what they look like - you'll see that there are sometimes big surprises!

Once singers are on the show they then have to make it through a battle round against their own teammate. Their team leader (a celebrity judge) chooses who was the better singer. Not often are there battles with two extraordinary singers as this is their first practiced performance on the TV show. The reason I am sending this battle as my musical moment of the week is first because these are two talented male singers, but also because I personally know Keith Semple, the winner of this battle, and am proud to show you his first victory! If you choose to continue to watch this show, it is on Monday and Tuesday evenings on NBC.

We get to show emotion through our instruments in orchestra, but here they get to show emotion with their voice and entire body. Just like the 6th graders and I talked about, we can SING through our string instruments! Enjoy!