Senior Project

Seflies..... by Jaden Ferguson

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picture #1

I value this picture because it was a fun moment at the zoo with a part of my great group of friends on senior skip day.
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Picture #2

This picture was taken before prom dinner with my best friend. I love this picture because neither of us care enough most of the time to get dressed up or try 100% to look good but on prom night we did.
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Picture #3

This was taken sophomore year on our spring choir trip to disney world with my close friend Lillie. It was in universal studios and were standing in front of Hogwarts while drinking butter-beer. Lillie and I both are obsessed with Hogwarts and Im thankful to have experienced the trip with her, and this photo is one of my favorites from the trip.
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Picture #4

This picture was taken September of 2015 at Slipknot's Last summer stand tour with my boyfriend. I love this picture because it was his first concert and I look disgusting (which I find funny). But it was taken at a memorable event and I want to remember spending his first concert with him seeing an awesome show!
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Picture #5

2nd to last day of school freshmen year, my friend Mackenzie and I had a bad skateboarding accident together. This photo is important to me simply because it was taken after the accident and is proof of the moment that has effected me to this day. I have permanent scars on my face because of the accident. I will always love/hate this picture because it's a reminder that the accident happened but I can move on from it.