Webinars on Prezi, Photoshop, Sketchup, Muse, AutoCAD Basics

Why Do You Hear These Programs Mentioned Everyday?

Whether for school or your career, you need to know the basics of one or more of these programs to improve your chances of success. Each of these programs are suited for a particular purpose in the role of presentation design. They work together to ehance your presentation toolbox. These live webinars are designed for individuals with little to no prior knowledge of these software. The focus is not on a particular version, but rather learning the basics that will allow you to use any version. Learning is available through live webinars and/or private sessions. For more detailed information on webinar content, please visit each separate webinar flyer or join us for the Series Overview on Saturday, June 1st from 1 to 1:30 pm (Eastern Daylight Savings Time).

Presentation Design Series Overview

Saturday, June 1st, 1-1:30pm

This is an online event.

The Series Overview is for individuals that want more information on the content of each webinar or are not sure of which programs are best for their personal study or career circumstances. This webinar will not cover actual material, but will present the outline and benefits of each webinar in the series, as well as answer any related content questions.

Summer Presentation Design Series Webinars


Deadline May 31st

June 8th - PREZI: The PowerPoint Assassin

Deadline June 5th

See details at https://smore.com/1upf

June 15th - ADOBE PHOTOSHOP: Powerful Image Editor

Deadline June 12th

See details at https://smore.com/ajgj

June 22nd - SKETCHUP: Free 3D Modeling

Deadline June 19th

See details at https://smore.com/z9dh

June 29nd - MUSE: No Code Website Design

Deadline June 26th

See details at https://smore.com/17dc

July 6th - AutoCAD: Precise 2D Design

Deadline July 3rd

See details at https://smore.com/st07

All webinars are Saturdays at 1 - 2 pm EDT; Overview webinar is 1 - 1:30 pm EDT. Registration deadlines are noon on the Wednesday prior to each webinar.

PRIVATE SESSIONS - By Arrangement, No Deadline

See private session details at https://smore.com/fd45