Tech Tidbit

December 2014

Google Hangouts

What is Google Hangouts?
A free video conferencing tool that allows up to 10 participants to join in on a conversation.

How can I use Google Hangouts in my Classroom?
  • Virtual Book Club
  • Connect with Authors/Poets/Experts/Peer Classrooms
  • Connected Classroom Virtual Field trips
  • Live stream concerts, plays, and special events
  • School announcements or live newscast
  • Collaborate with members of your PLN from around the world

How do I get started?
Go to or click "+You+ on your Google Homepage. If you haven't created a Google+ profile, you'll be prompted to do so. Once your profile is complete, the Hangouts sidebar will appear on the right side of your screen. Simply click "New Hangout" and begin typing the names of the individuals you'd like to invite.