Composers in the Renaissance


Lassus was a composer of music from the Netherlands, although he was born in the city of Mons in the County of Hainut in Belgium. A reason why he was so known around the late Renaissance was because he was considered a representative of mature polyphonic music.


Josquin was yet another composer from the Netherlands who was born in the city of Mons, just like Lassus. This Dutch composer was so unique and talented, that he acquired the reputation of being the best composer of his age. People such as the German, Martin Luther often wrote about how much they admired his technique.


This Dutch composer was born in Belgium, though not the city of Mons. He was born in Saint-Ghislain in Belgium. He was considered the most influential composer of the early 15th century. He could teach, compose, and even sing for himself.


This Dutch composer is the only one of the four who was not born in Belgium, he was born in Amsterdam. He represents the highest development in the Dutch keyboard school. Sweelinck was such an influence, he spread all the way to Sweden and England.