Mansa Musa

The time when Mansa Musa was born, when he became king, and how he died. I wilL tell you how all of these things happened. I also tell you when or what year these things happened.

When Mansa Musa was Born C.1280 in Mali?

First, Mansa Musa was born in 1280 in Mali.He died in 1337? in Mali.Mansa Musa ruled over twelve provinces for an example like Cairo. Mansa Musa was the richest man known to man. He ruled Mali for about 25years.

How Mansa Musa Became Ruler of Mali.

Second,Mansa Musa was born in Mali he was barely known for until he found out that his great uncle was the ruler of Mali.Until his great uncle left Mali to go explore the western lands.When he left, he appointed his great nephew khan khan Musa to be his processor. Mansa Musa ruled the throne until 1307. Mansa Musa also made his kingdom reach its heights.
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How Mansa Musa Died in Mali about 1337?

Thirdly,Mansa Musa died of natural causes.When Mansa Musa ruled they also had malinke oral traditions also. Mansa Musa brought wealth, fame, and power to the kingdom. Mansa Musa was known for all his wealth because he had lots of gold just like his wife. Mansa Musa brung power to the kingdom by making his kingdom reach its heights.He got fame cause of his wealthiness and because he made his kingdom reach its heights.

The Ending of Mansa Musa Ruling Over Mali!

Finally,Mansa Musa had a choice to be the ruler of Mali and he chose to be but,he probly did not have much of a choice any way.Mansa Musa was a great ruler because he ruled over twelve provinces. Mansa Musa had slaves about twelve thousand of them,but when he traveled through Morroco and Cairo there were thousands of people and twelve thousand of them were his own slaves.
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