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Commoner's Place

Need A Job?

"I need someone to work on my field. My wife is sick and I cannot stand her! She is not letting me work on MY field! Please, someone come help me and work for me! I need food because we do not have that much money! You choose: 10 bushles of wheat per week or half a dozen per week. Please come help us! Contact us! Come meet us at the farmer's market this weekend under the area, need a job? Thank you for helping"

"I need someone to work in my house and take care of my children. You need to be well educated and be able to teach them. Interviews are next week at Palace of Sun. Payment is by food. (You get food for the rest of your life) Thank you for helping and teaching my children!"

Commoner's Perspective: Greeks

"I love the Greeks! I love them because they are letting us keep our religion! Thank you so much for all you have done! These are the best conquerers ever!"

- Anonymous

"I hate the Greeks! They think that they are going to win us over by letting us keep our culture. Well, guess what, I am not buying this. They are going to destroy us for good. It is all part of their little plan. Do not listen to them! They are liars!"

- Anonymous

"The Greeks are just amazing! They are letting us keep our culture! I praise you Greeks, especially the handsome Alexander the Great."

- Anonymous

Talk About Drama!

Hatshepsut: Head Drama Queen

Hatshepsut: Head Drama Queen

Yes, she did do one good thing in her life: bringing bananas to our beloved Egypt. But, all of her drama will continue to live on forever. A mean, come on, a female pharaoh? That is just plain weird. Not only was she a woman, but she said she was part God? That is strange! She took the throne of our supposed pharaoh and told him she was Pharaoh! This year's drama queen award goes to... Hatshepsut!!

Her quote: "Welcome, my sweet daughter, my favorite, the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Maatkare, Hatshepsut. Thou art the king, taking possession of the Two Lands"

She was talking about herself!

News From Pharaohs

Ramses II: It Has Been One Year

Unfortunately, one of the best pharaohs that this world has ever known is celebrating its one year death anniversary today. Ramses II ruled for 66 years and lived to be 90. He has outdated many of his children, including some that were almost Pharaoh. Ramses II has already been greatly missed, and we will continue to miss him as he has already began his journey as a God.

Alexander the Great: Come Meet Me!

Alexander the Great, from Greece, has demanded our presence as he meets us for the first time since he conquered. He is going to present us with our new pharaoh on Saturday at Thebes and would like to get to know us. This is not ordinary because our conquerers never do this! Come meet him, the great man who lets us keep our culture, at Thebes on Saturday!