Symbol of Jupiter

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How jupiter got its name

From Zeus the greek god who over throne his dad Satern with his brothers Neptune and Pluto.

who disoverd jupiter

Galieo divcovered jupiter.

What jupiter looks like

My planet has a bid red spot.Has white spots and tan and brown rows

Distances of jupiter

Order from the Sun: 5th

Distance from the sun in AU:5.2 AU

in km:778 millon km

Distance from the Earth in AU:

in km:

Orbit and Rotation of jupiter

Numebr of days to orbit around the sub:4332.54 days

Length of one day (number of hours in one day):9 hours 55mins.

Water forms on jupiter

From the great red spot sutch as rain or floods

Weather on jupiter

Lightning,rain,and hale is the weather on jupiter also huricanes and tornados.

Rings and Satellites on jupiter

Faint rings infrared spectra imply dark rock fragment and moons as satelights

Exploration on jupiter

Voyager 1 on feb.25,1979 explored jupiter and voyager 2

Human colony on Jupiter

no cause jupitaer is made of only gases

picture of jupiter

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Atmosphere and Temperature of Jupitar

it has hydrgen ,helium,and mathane. temp. -153 degrees celcies (-244 degrees fairinheight)