Searching For A New Planet

Gliese 581g

Why going to Gliese 581g is a great choice to go to?

It has similar amount of sunlight as Earth from its sun in that solar system. Gliese 581g is one of the many planets that look just like Earth and is labeled as a habitable zone . It is also the 3rd or 5th planet in its own solar system.

Risks of going to Gliese 581g!

This planet is 20.3 light years away from Earth. Though, having a spacecraft that could go on for millions of miles, it will take you 203 years just to get there. Furthermore, the atmosphere of this planet unknown which could be safe or not (be prepared). Models have shown it could be tropical. The gravity pull on this planet is around 10% to 70% stronger than Earth's. This planet is about 13.6 million miles (22 million km) away from its host star.

Interesting Facts

Life forms?

Might be Life! Depending on atmospheric and surface conditions it is possible life could exist on Gliese 581g. Scientist don't know yet-it is still unknown do to the climate on this planet.

Video of What We Think We Know.

Earthlike Planet, Gliese 581 (Gliza) a habitable zone?