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Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution

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Science Now Tries to Disprove The Bible

Charles Darwin has just released his theory on evolution. In this theory Darwin states how he feels that humans and the world we know has evolved, or changed, over time to become what it is now. This evolution or change is guided by survival of the fittest, or the survival of those with the most desirable traits. Many other scientists disagree with these theories, and simply state, "That is not how God make the world".

Fertilizer Law Restrains Farmers

New laws governing the contents and concentration of fertilizers used on crops. Studies have shown that some of the ingredients in the fertilizers currently used on crops to ward off bugs is actually harming those who consume them, while also contaminating ground water. Find out more on page 1B.

The Cable Car; Making Life Quicker

The cable car, or trolley, is now being implemented in the city of Seattle, Washington to help make life more convenient. The cable car will help make streets less crowded, and also quicken the commute of inner-city workers. Read more into the pros and cons of the cable car on page 2A.

Belgium Disbands Salt Tax

The import and exports of salt from Belgium are now tax-free due to the disbanding of the Salt Tax. This move should hopefully improve the Belgian economy, and make salt just a little cheaper. Read more on page 3A.