Food Safety

Kera Grbic 2/26/2015 Literacy 312

Initial Thoughts

My Initial thoughts before I started researching was that there isn't really any thing wrong with foods today.

Some information I hope to find out after researching was more about food and what kind of diseases are in food. Also, I would like to find out more about food safety

"Salmonella lives in the intestinal track of humans and other animals, including birds."

Article 1... "Unsafe To Eat?"

In the article, “Unsafe To Eat?”, Two people died from having E. coli. Ever since the two deaths, There are new rules about processing foods. Facilities have to get inspected regularly. People don’t care about recall foods unless the food is effecting them. E.coli was found in leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach, meat and chicken, and vegetables. Pregnant women, young children, people with low immune systems and 65 and older are high risks to getting ill from food poisoning.

Article 2... "Do Growth Hormones In Foods Affect Children?"

Growth hormones in animals and how farmers use growth hormones to grow animals to get a larger product such as more milk from cows and more eggs from chickens. The farmers use the growth hormones to make their animals grow bigger and faster. They also use growth hormones to increase their production of milk and meat. But, the growth hormones can affect people who eat/drink the product. The growth hormones can make people sick and can lead to hospitalization. Children that are going through puberty can be affected by the growth hormones. Children who are exposed to growth hormones can have some side effects of problems in puberty which can cause cancer. Children can also become allergic to milk and dairy products

Article 3... "Diagnosis And Treatment"

In the article, It shows how Salmonella is treated and caused. Salmonella is caused by improper hand washing and from handling animals. Salmonella is in animal feces and that can expand and be in their intestines. If meat and chicken is are not cooked right, It will have a higher chance of having Salmonella. It can be treated by antibiotics.

Synthesis Summary... Why is food safety a major food problem that people should be made aware of?

Food safety is a major food problem because if food is not sanitized the correct way it can cause diseases such as E. coli and salmonella. People can get E.coli from frozen foods and also from uncooked meat. However, People can get E.coli from a variety of different foods. E.coli and Salmonella is found in animals. Salmonella is found in chicken and feces of animals. Improper hand washing after touching animals can cause sickness.

How can people get E.coli from foods?

People can get E.coli from lots of different foods such as frozen foods. According to the text, “10 million pounds of frozen pepperoni pizzas, chicken quesadillas, and other meat-filled meals were voluntarily recalled by the Rich Products Corp. in April after the frozen foods were linked to 27 E.coli illnesses in 15 states” (Deborah Kotz 3). In the text it states that any meat-filled meals were recalled due to 27 E.coli illnesses in 15 states.

How do hormones affect children that consume the foods that have hormones in them?

The hormones that they use in the cows can be a risk to people.”The FDA claims milk and meat from treated cows do not contain a dangerous amount of growth hormones and should not pose a risk to children. The hormone rBGH is physiologically inactive in humans; thus, it cannot lead to precocious puberty in girls” (Adam 1).The FDA says the hormones don’t have an effect on humans. So, having the growth hormones in you do not affect a childs body. It also doesn’t lead to puberty effects.

What will happen if food remains unsafe?

If salmonella gets into human food people won’t even know that its in the food and eat the food and get sick. “Salmonella may also be found in the feces of some pets, especially those with diarrhea, and people can become infected if they do not wash their hands after contact with pets or pet feces” (CDC 1).Salmonella is a disease. It can be found in animals and feces of the animals. If people don’t wash their hands after they handle an animal and then go and touch food, they will get everything contaminated.

Final Thoughts

My thoughts changed through out the research process. At first, I thought that food safety wasn't a big problem. But it actually is. If food isn't stored correctly it can cause serious harm to humans. I found out that frozen food can get E.coli. I thought diseases can't grow below freezing but I guess they can.

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