A Lot About Tornadoes

by Landon Lunt

Have you ever seen something swirling like CRAZY and wondered what it is? Well that would probably be a tornado. Well today you are gonna learn a lot about Where do they happen?, What do they do?, Winter tornadoes and deadly but not least The Joplin tornado. Enjoy!

What do they do?

Strong tornadoes can destroy anything in their path. Even cars and trucks may be blown. Even MONSTER trucks!! Really strong tornadoes can rip apart almost anything! That´s why you need to be somewhere underground by no windows.

Where do they happen?

There is something called a tornado alley. Tornadoes will usually happen in the central united states. They would normally happen in Spring or Summer. They usually develop in thunderstorms.

Winter tornadoes

Tornadoes are still able to happen in Winter. Tornado season starts in Spring and ends in Winter. But that does not mean tornadoes stop happening. One Winter tornado caused an OUTBREAK of 94 tornadoes across 13 states!!

The Joplin Tornado

did you know there was something called a Joplin tornado in 2011? My dad was there for 2 weeks!! He had to help people out of the fires cause he was a fireman. Back then I was 4 in a half. I started crying cause I thought he would die. I begged my mom to call my dad and tell him to come back but she did not. The next day she tried to call him but my dad did not answer. I started crying again. Then in the next 2 weeks he came home!! I was SO happy. It striked a lot of buildings and killed 365 people I think. But my dad was not one of those people that died

Fun fact

When I was a baby a EF-3 tornado hit my house and I was fast asleep!!