4th Grade Keyboarding

Creating and keyboarding


Dear Parents,

I recently introduced your child to a presentation tool called PowToon. PowToon is similar to powerpoint with a little bit of a kick! I chose to introduce PowToon to give students access to a new digital tool and have fun practicing typing. Each student was given a log-in under my teacher account. Several students have shown interest in working with PowToon over Christmas break. I have told them that as long as it is ok with their parents they may do so and please be mindful of your digital etiquette. Digital etiquette covers many areas and I have attached a link to video on Digital Etiquette from BrainPop.com. If you do not wish for your child to have access to PowToon over Christmas break please contact me and I can delete their account. PowToon.com has many video tutorials that make understanding this web 2.0 tool simple and fun. Please enjoy getting creative!


Mrs. Lowe