Vote for Franklin Roosevelt

Roosevelt for Third Term

Protect America

He is determined to have a third term because it is his duty to continue serving and leading his country through the mounting crisis in Europe, where Hitler's Nazi Germany is on the rise.

Roosevelts Policies

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

  • This will employ young men on Public-works programs in the area of conservation

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

  • It will construct roads, public buildings, and other projects designed to increase employment and business activity

Soil Conservation Service (SCS)

  • This will promote control and prevent soil erosion for happening

Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC)

  • It will regulate companies the sell stocks, bonds, and will investigate unfair trade practices

Rural Electrification Act (REA)

  • This will Construct dams and power plants the provide electricity and flood control in the region

Vote Roosevelt

Roosevelt needs your votes. You know how he runs things. He has run for two other terms, he is good for this country and he will continue to do great things for our country. He needs your help to get his their though. Vote Roosevelt you will not regret it.