CCIE security v4

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Updates about new technology

Updates about new technology are easily available in the market. Even if you don’t know what CCIE security v4 is, ample amount of material on internet will give all the information about it. But for those who want to establish themselves as professionals in the field, is this enough? Of course not, as somewhere down the line you will feel the need to know more to enable your identity to be viewed as desirable CCIE expert employee in corporate sector.

CCIE security v4 being the latest development in the networking

CCIE security v4 being the latest development in the networking security is the latest topic of intellectual curiosity. The major development brought about by CCIE security v4 is Identity Services Engine (ISE). Replacing the need for your ACS, NAC and Profile servers, ISE verifies and approves services for users and devices in wired, wireless and VPN based network deployments. AAA, monitoring and troubleshooting, guest life cycle management, device profiling services are provided by the latest version of CCIE security.

With this development, though a major portion of the CCIE lab exam will be focussed on it, yet ACS will have that specific question that you will have to cover by your informative answers. With the new development, you need to have expertise on the following areas to qualify the security lab exam:

· Configuration and initialization

· ISE authZ result handling, Profiling Configuration (Probes)

· ISE Guest Services, Posture Assessment

· ISE Client Provisioning (CPP), Configuring AD Integration/Identity Sources

· ISE support for 802.1x

· ISE MAB support

· ISE Web Auth support

· ISE definition and support for VSAs

To enable you develop expertise in the field, we at Presidential securities have special CCIE security v4 racks for practise. Each rack offered by us contains following features:

(1) 2811 core routers

(6) 1841 backbone routers

(4) 3560 Catalyst switches

(2) 3750X Catalyst switches

(2) ASA5510's v8.2 w/ failover

(2) ASA5515-X v8.6 w/ failover

(1) IPS4240 version 7.x

(3) ISE Appliance

(1) Ironport Web Security Appliance

(1) ACS server v5.x

(1) NCS Prime Server

(2) Test Workstation's

(1) Windows 2008 Server

(1) AP1100

(1) AP1200

(1) 7900 IP Phone (for authentication only)

You can register with us for CCIE security rack with flexibility of time and complete access to the devices with terminal server support.