My life in Japan

By Jesse Mills

My Name And What It Means

AKIO 昭夫, 昭男, 昭雄 m Japanese
From Japanese 昭 (aki) "bright" combined with 夫 (o) "husband, man", 男 (o) "male" or 雄 (o) "hero, manly".

My favourite subject

At school I've always been interested in the hard subjects and I guess that might be why I like maths. I am really good at maths and I just think it is really fun and even if your not good if you try hard one you get it you can do everything.

My favourite food

I love rice. Rice is my favourite food because it is flavourless, I like that because it tastes good with everything that means. Rice is soft so it isn't hard to eat like steak or meat. Rice is absolutely the best food in the world.

My favourite after school activity

I like kendo because it is like fighting but it is fun. After we play we are almost never angry.

Kendo is a sport that places great importance on etiquette. A kendo contest begins with the contestants exchanging formal bows and ends with another exchange of courtesy. This courteous bow is called rei in Japanese. The motion expresses a person's wish for victory, respect to their instructors, and gratitude to the friends who practice with them.

My favourite holiday

I like Christmas.

Christmas was initially introduced to Japan with the arrival of the first Europeans in the 16th century. But only in recent decades has the event become widely popular in Japan, and this despite the fact that Chrisctians make up only about two percent of the population.

My favourite movie character

My favourite movie character is Ash, ash is a boy in a movie called pokèmon. You may have heard of this as it is also a TV show and a game. In it he battles pokèmon and they fight each over and he catches Pokèmon in little balls called "Pokèballs".

The endangered animal of Japan would you most like to help?

The sea turtle, a symbol of long life and good luck, has been loved for centuries. The Loggerhead Turtle, belonging to the sea turtle family, makes its home in the seas

of tropical and temperate regions.
However, the number of Loggerhead Turtles has been decreasing due to waste disposal problems, land reclamation projects, and contamination of the ocean

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