Why discriminate against children that want to learn

Hindus in India discriminate against Muslims and others

Hindu teachers discriminate Muslim students and make them feel unwanted in the schools. Hindu students make the majority of the classes and a few students attend classes. Hindu teachers and students call Muslim students dirty. This make the Muslim students mad, anger, and sad. Its sad how children get the discrimation of the past errors and make them feel unsafe in schools and in the Hindu populations.

Muslims are not to be hated by there race

Muslims are people that share India with Hindu people and some Hindu's are not bad but some are mean because of what happen in the past. People like them are no different the only thing different is there beliefs and some food they eat but other than that there human. They shouldn't be discriminated because their the same as me and you. Also kids are not to be the victims of the past because their so innocent and they build hate and anger for actions that are do to them. Then that why when they grow up they hate others because some one hated them so they reflect that anger and hate.

3 ornanizations

United Muslim Foundation it began in 2004. This foundation helps community in projects and community service.

IMRC is a foundation that began in 1981. This foundation helps Muslims in social structure and economic opportunities.

Islamic Relief USA is a foundation that started in 2008. This foundation helps Muslims in alleviate growing needs for humanitarian aid.