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Canvas Training

February 17th, we will have Canvas 101 - an introduction to Canvas and some of it's functions. Staff members have access to Canvas, you will the icon (a red circle) when you log into NC Ed Cloud. Your classes are pre-loaded as well as your students.

The power of Yet

Thinking Points

Currently the PLEFs are reading to book "Mindset" by Carol S. Dweck. Below is an article written by Jenny Anderson which better explains one of the first chapters in Dweck's book. The video clip is Dweck's TedTalk, "The power of yet".

I felt that it was important to share these with you, because it is the power of yet that can change the mindset of some of the students you work with when faced with a struggle they think they cannot overcome, or an academic hurdle a teacher thinks a class or student will not master.

The power of yet | Carol S Dweck | TEDxNorrköping

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