Sir John A. Macdonald

I am Sir John A. MacDonald, the current and first prime minister of Canada. I am a white male and I was married once before, to Isabella MacDonald (Clark), who died 10 years ago, in 1857. I was born on January 11, 1815, in Scotland Glasgow. My father is Hugh MacDonald and my mother is Helen Shaw and I have three siblings, Louisa Jean MacDonald, William MacDonald, and James Shaw MacDonald. When I was 5, I moved to Kingston, Upper Canada with my family. Then at 15, I started legal studies and I opened a law office at 19. I have a lot of political experience. First, in 1843, I was Kingston's alderman. Then, I joined provincial politics as the receiver-general for the Conservative party in 1844. I was key in creating the coalition between Upper Canadian Reformers and French Canadians in 1854 which created the Liberal-Conservative party. I was appointed attorney-general and then was co-premier first with Etenne-Paschal Tache and then George-Etienne Cartier. Lastly, I am the first prime minister of Canada and I was knighted for my efforts for confederation and starting the construction of the CPR. I am seeking a strong, intelligent woman. Please contact me.
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